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Feb 5, 2009
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Not in the military or defence field
    1. ptltejas
      what is the Jet we actually need ? gov.continue change their need.
      you got to come back... you do know we all miss your inputs, views and debates.. Hope u r doing good.. come sometimes here also..
    3. arp2041
      thanks sancho, it better be the A330 MRTT, which IAF has been favoring since long, will it be only 6 more apart from 6 we already have or chances are for more nos.
    4. arp2041
      hi sancho, do you have any news about what happened to IAF going for 2 etc. AWACS from Israel + what about air to air refuellers, i thought IAF was in love with the european refueller.
    5. Sergi
    6. Lord Of Gondor
      Lord Of Gondor
      Thanks for the reply.
      I was prompted to ask you this question as I saw a picture of the Kh 59Mk2 in front of the IN MiG 29K in Russia.
      But other than the MiG 29,I have seen this with the Su 30MKI.
      I,however do not know whether the Su 30MKI carries the AShM variant or the Mk2 or both.
      If it does carry the Kh 59 Mk2,then why go for the Brahmos(it's positives over the Kh are the range and speed) as the Mk2 does seems to be a lot less heavy and at a range of 118Km does not seem so bad!
    7. arp2041
      Mate, what can DRDO & HAL do if IAF has more trust of foreign planes than our home made one?? They again & again change there requirements, they want F-22 at the price of LCA :). I will say it a thousand times that LCA still in it's present condition better than many of the planes the IAF has got in it's inventory. Don't you think it can atleast replace the mig 21s in the IAF, is it so worst a plane???
    8. Lord Of Gondor
      Lord Of Gondor
      PM(to fellow members) option removed for users with post count <2000!
      So i'll ask my question here.
      Does the Navy's MiG 29K have the capability to launch the Kh 59 MK2 ALCM(100+ Km range)?
      If yes,then i assume that we may have procured some already.
      Will this capability be added to the IAF MiG 29's??
      And how good is this ALCM against other ALCM's?(CEP of 2-3 meters on paper looks good)?
    9. arp2041
      this is not fair, this means IAF trust 60s tech. of Russia more than our present day indegineous tech.?? I think IAF for some reason deliberately don't want to induct these planes for now (hope i prove wrong).
    10. arp2041
      mate i wanna know from you why cannot IAF induct LCA in its present condition in large nos. i mean in present condition would it not be a better aircraft than at least mig-21s??
    11. Firemaster
      No no Its not so
      Your English is much better than my Hindi. Bdw I want to learn Russian . Any suggestion ?
    12. Firemaster
      Disappointed For what?
    13. DrSomnath999
    14. Firemaster
      Hmm Ok Sir That's nice
    15. Manticore
      hi! ive updated both my posts in the info pool and j10 threads )
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    Not in the military or defence field