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    Pakistan Army | News and Discussions

    https://www.dawn.com/news/1324227 http://sarzameen.tv/2017/02/06/pm-inaugurates-wah-brass-mills-announces-relief-package-pof-employees/
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    Pakistan Army | News and Discussions

    this was reportedly done after nisar [chaudhry?!!] got into a tiff the POF chairman over the formers attempt to politicise the POF workers.....and nisar is the guy how runs FIA etc......
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    Panama leak Case Proceedings - JIT Report, News, Updates And Discussion

    MEANWHILE IN KOREA: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/opinion/2017/04/202_226877.html
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    General Bajwa approves deployment of 200,000 troops for census

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    India's dream of splitting Pakistan will never be realised: Nisar

    pakistan is already split.......between the crooks and charlatans like this "interior" minister serves and those emracing shahadat every say in its defense....... when a low life like benazir is called shaheed what else is there to say,.......ppl praise a cowardly crook like pervez [musharraf]...
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    China deploys advanced 400km surface-to-air missile system in the SCS

    but he is still exec producer of celebrity apprentice and gets to say you're fired........
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    PIA grounds ATR fleet until thoroughly examined

    hang the minister and federal seceretary concerned and confiscate their assets... and https://defence.pk/threads/the-case-for-a-jandarma.431527/#post-8416580
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    New Chief Justice Saqib Nisar

    time for the action service https://defence.pk/threads/the-case-for-a-jandarma.431527/#post-8416580
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    Pakistan Air Force | News & Discussions.

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    Military announces transfers of 10 Lt Gens including ISI chief, DG Rangers

    pakistan ceased to exist in october 2001 when pervez [musharref] sold his soul to the devil.....now for next 20 eyars millions will .....
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    PM wanted to appoint pro-democratic military expert as army chief

    by democracy these characters mean looking the other wahile they loot, rape and plunder the counter and work as sahulatkar e dehshatgard....... the right to appoint transfer etc of personnel ie. all personnel matter should be taken away from these characters and only those cleared as honest by...
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    CHIEF DON'Ts : Talat Hussain

    this bozo works for the jang group of crooks and charlatans ....nothing more need be said.....sahulatkar e dehshatgard....
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    Chinese embassy refuses visas to KP ministers, bureaucrats

    the best news ever....these indian agents should be shoved in the gutter they belong to for opposing the CPEC....
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    Lt Gen Zubair Hayat fits the bill for Nawaz Sherif as new COAS

    today in his program dr shahid masood said that asif the z man gave extension to kiyani because he said the generals next in line were more like pervez the mush man.....