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  • so you came to Pakistan during the american war crap?
    do you have a family and were you a student or a worker in Afghanistan?
    thats great that u are pashtoon...... i m also pashtoon.....these days em very busy....thats why cnt come on forum.......anyways...its great to have alll of with me...thankx
    sallam alaikum rorjana,,, sanga ye, za hum pukhtan yama aaw zama pa khyal ta hum pukhtan ye.. anyways, der alaaa, raza pa forum bandi kala na kala..
    wow you even speak urdu! xD do you speak both farsi and pashto? I wish i knew how to speak Pashto =(

    how long you been in Pak and when did you come to Pak?
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