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    Featured Khadim Hussain Rizvi passed away

    His cause was right but the way he has chosen bought only misery, destruction to the people of Pakistan. The issue is many people in Pakistan are willing to destroy the property, lives of others for the blasphemy which happened thousands of km away from Pak and very same people protesting on the...
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    Featured Karachi court dismisses slogans case against Maryam Nawaz, Safdar Awan

    Unless judiciary of Pakistan take a bath of Acid, Judiciary will not get better.
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    Featured *Confirmed* Mullah Omar Baloch Irani (One of Iran's most wanted) killed by Pak Forces in Turbat, Balochistan

    Another foolish act by Pak. Iran will never eliminate BLF in its soil. People sitting at the top currently whether civilians and military will never understand.
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    Heavy firing on the LOC - 6 plus Indian Soldiers Killed

    No. You are posting the videos to show how IA is targeting civilians as a revenge.
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    Heavy firing on the LOC - 6 plus Indian Soldiers Killed

    The problem with you Indians is you automatically believe many Pakistani or Chinese soldiers must have also killed whenever Indian announced his own Indian army causalities. Here you are telling ISPR hides PA causalities while your Indian Govt and Indian military hides 1000 sq km of loss of...
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    ISI, Rangers Officials To Be Removed From Post on KHI Incident: ISPR

    The sanity of Jinnah's grave can be destroyed but Sindh Police officials cannot be apprehended for not taking action against Safdar. Bajwa is a disgrace not only to army but the whole Pakistan.
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    After insulting "Tiranga", Mehbooba Mufti raises doubts over Indian Army's response to China's Galwan instrusion

    This is treason. You lost the territory and PM does not even talk about this.
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    Anti army slogans in the presence of Maryam Nawaz

    Yes. Because of Bajwa's superficial incompetency, whole institution is suffering. PA is professional institution otherwise Bajwa would have been kicked out long ago.
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    Anti army slogans in the presence of Maryam Nawaz

    Bajwa deserves this humiliation. If you behave like a sheep then people will also treat you like a sheep.
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    What is the military waiting for?

    It's not conspiracy sir. Things are obvious. The way Bajwa got 3 years of unnecessary extension was also a part of politics.
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    What is the military waiting for?

    Sir, we all know this is Pak and how things are done behind the scenes. Bajwa is very much actively involved in politics. The only thing is Bajwa is not favoring Sharifs as much as Sharif wants.
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    What is the military waiting for?

    This is where the problem lies. First Bajwa is not stayed away of politics. Bajwa regularly meets 1st, 2nd tier and 3rd tier of politicians knowingly fully they are the ones who looted this country for decades. Bajwa was also the instrument who escaped NS out of the country and now Bajwa...
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    What is the military waiting for?

    No doubt Raheel Shareef cleared lot of mess but this process is reversed under Bajwa.
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    Pakistan Is Already Under Attack, Gen Bajwa Must ACT NOW

    All Bajwa can do is resign and allow someone to come as COAS who is competent and can clean the mess. Alas Bajwa wont resign.
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    Rahul Puts Modi to Shame for Betraying the Soldiers, Concedes 1200sqkm Lost to China

    This is way bigger than Kargil in 1999. Few people knew that Pak took 700 sq km of IOK in Kargil Daras sector in 1999 till Pak had to vacate under US pressure.

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