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  • Salaam Walkum Saimia jee,

    Hi hru ? i hope well with the grace of ALLAH :) AH.

    No problem at all :)
    My job is going good alhamdulillah. But i wana try something else now...I get bored very easily! lol
    Im not sure about the trips anymore. We had bought tickets to go to Norway end of this month but my other friends cannot get a visa so its been cancelled - what a waste of money as the tickers are non-refundable lol. Im quite lucky in that i have british passport so i dont need visa. So are u still planning to go ahead with the phd?
    Dont worry, i am sure u will get a good job insha Allah. Let me know if you need help with your CV etc :)

    Sorry to hear you aint feeling well. Just get plenty of rest and insha Allah you will be better in no time ;)

    Hey i am good thank you and yourself? :)
    Don't worry i am sure u will get a good result insha Allah :)
    Hey didnt you say u managed to get a temporary job recently? Has that finished?

    Everything is ok with me...Just abit annoyed with all the travelling required by my job at present -i have to keep travelling between two sites which are over two hours of driving from each other. It was fun at the beginning but kind of find it boring now and not to mention i keep being late lol Other than that everything is cool. Whats new with you? :)
    Hey dont worry about not replying sooner. I understand it is difficult especially during ramadan. I cannot believe how quick this month has gone. I think our eid will be this friday. Just pray that i become a better person and that i die as a muslim...i think that should be more than enough insha allah :)

    Btw, any news on your results??

    Yeh Happy Defence Day to you aswell :)

    Allah hafiz
    Ramadan mubarak!! Im good thanks and u?
    Hey when does ramadan start in pakistan? Friday? In Uk, some people are fasting today (those that follow Saudi) and the rest and majority of people are doing it tomorrow. So i will be starting to fast from tomorrow - cant wait! :)
    Make sure u make a special dua for me ok? I need as many as possible at the moment! :)

    p.s. Insha Allah you will get good results for your exams so dont worry :)

    hey how u doing? thanks for ur message. nice to hear from u as it has been a while now.
    so how were ur exams? i hope u did well. btw when do you find out the results?
    hey its ok you dont need to apologise. I was only jesting... i knew you must be busy thats why u havent replied! :) Let me know if there is anything i can do to help u in your studies.
    Btw there is one complaint i have - and that is that you did not fulfil your promise...the one i mentioned in my email and on msn. I waited for days but still havent heard anything yet ...i think you know what i am referring to! lol

    Regarding the trips...well i am going to portugal tonight straight after work...i havent even packed anything yet so will be rushing home straight after work! lol I always leave everythng till the last minute! but somehow i always manage to get through it so im hoping the same will be the case today too! lol This is only a short trip as i wil be back on monday. That is if the flight doesnt get cancelled due to the 'ash clouds'. Have you heard about this at all? Alot of flights got cancelled last month due to the ash clouds...i thought this was all over but i heard on the news this morning that there may be further disruptions as there is another ash cloud approaching the UK. I will be very annoyed if my flight gets cancelled! :(

    Regarding the road trip...well that has been cancelled temporarily... :( Some of my friends were unable to take time off work this month...so that has been postponed to june/july now... so lets see how it goes.
    Btw I am thinking of doing another sky jump within the next couple of months- thats if i can save enough money...it is very expensive unfortunately :( but i really want to do it again. You want to join me? :P
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