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    Where is the old pakistan when we were respectes by USA. Nawaz sharif

    Genral Musharraf would have done great favour to the country if he had got rid of this loser like Gen Zia did with Bhutto
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    Turkey-Iran-Pakistan cargo train restarts after 10-year halt

    Forgive me for asking an unrelated question but are you realy in north korea how does that even work ?
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    $ 3B increase in exports in first 6 months of FY 2021-2022 versus FY 2020-2021- PTV

    If we keep cad acceptable and economy keeps growing at the same pace would we ever have to go to IMF again
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    $ 3B increase in exports in first 6 months of FY 2021-2022 versus FY 2020-2021- PTV

    What would our estimated import bill be with goods and services at 39 billion and remittinces around 31 billion we will get 70 billion+ in inflows what will the total outflows be
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    Muslims in India are being reduced to second-class citizens - Indian actor Naseerudddin Shah

    India is for indians Pakistan for pakistanis irrespective of religion it is up to indian hindus whatever they do to indians who practice a diffrent faith i dont care we should only be concerned about minorities in our country as that effects national cohesion and progress whether indian muslims...
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    Young Chinese not having babies

    You are right population is a very valuable resource however maybe a balance needs to be struck whereby you donot have such increasing population that your resources cannot support i.e in Pakistan and such decline that it has a possibility of hurting you in longterm i.e in China I believe...
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    Young Chinese not having babies

    I wish pakistanis had less babies i just wish sociopolitical factors in pakistan allowed for one child policy in pakistan chinese posters should not be worried about population decline population quality matters with better access to education among the masses and increasing automation in...
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    QAU students kidnapped by ethnic student unions

    Baloch or pashtun ethnic nationalists not baloch or pushtuns.Seraiki ethnic nationalists are just as bad this coming from seraiki dont malign entire ethnicity most of them are loyal patriotic citizens their are problems with student unions your statement is far too general in nature stop being...
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    Karachi Development Projects updates

    Instead of wasting what hey spent on mall by demolishing it PAF made some use of the building i dont think this is bad to be honest
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    Bangladesh stages Victory Day Parade

    Any form of conflict with bangladesh doesnot serve pakistans interests i live in present i am not a hostage to the past and will not make pakistan a hostage to past either one singular event can never guide pakistans destiny our country is bigger than that my friend.I dont see any reason...
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    Bangladesh stages Victory Day Parade

    Obviously their will be reprecussions we wont though and obviously i know you are trolling but within pakistan bangladesh only becomes a topic on 16 dec there is no people to people relation and the relation between states is neutral people of pakistan dont hate bangladesh or its people they...
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    Sloganeering against heads of armed forces against national interest, shouldn't be allowed: Shehbaz

    Shahbaz has always been a sensible voice inside pmln or atleast apears to be from outside however i cannot vote for him if he runs as prime minister due to dar led consumerist model of growth that pmln pursued the last time they were in government.
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    Recent CPEC JCC meeting; Pakistani objectives appear to be unmet

    Dont entertain this moron he is derailing the thread and i have already reported him.
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    Pakistan has ICBM Technology Defence Production Minister

    What do you mean they didnot do anything they sanctioned north korea to oblivion its a state that executes its citizens for merely watching hollywood movies just to keep them ignorant/enslaved and pacified otherwise they might overthrow the government like the soviets did to their state after...

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