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  • hey mate, olympic thread has been moved to members club section, pls keep updating it, thanks
    hey mate, thanks for supporting the olympics thread. Are you in favor of making it a sticky till the olympics gets over, if yes please make a request to the mods about it.
    Hello Sabir da ,

    Thanks for accepting my friend request . Looking forward to hearing more from you .

    regards ,
    Urbanized Greyhound
    Is regional politics also present?Because with the big pool of players WB has,there should have been more Bengali players in the team.
    have you noticed,the NRIs and NRBs in UK are also lagging very very far behind than the other communities as far as football is concerned.I can only recall Michael Chopra of south Asian blood making some name.Also another Pakistani defender,playing in premier league.
    There is one Bangladeshi footballer,who was captain of West Ham United's reserve team,and had started his carrier with Joe Cole.But he fell behind because of injury and later could not make it.Now plays in division 2.This guy is among the 5 only South Asian players playing in UK.That shows how poor our condition is.

    Had there been more players like them,we could have used them in our national teams,giving a boost like the African teams are getting.But even that's not the case. :(
    And bringing coaches with UK and Germany is physically challenging for the players,they can't take it.I prefer Latin coaches,we had two in recent times.They give emphasis on the short passing.That's good for our players.
    lol...me a samba fan..:D You know in Bangladeshi people are either Brazil or Argentina..we don't TRY to understand anything more.. :) you will find some rare German,English,Spanish and Dutch fan though.

    Spain will be the team to watch for I think,they have lots of stars and talents.Despite all the craziness about football in our part of the world,none of the south asian teams can't make it,its sad.
    Height shouldn't be a factor,look at Messi,that guy alone can destroy the opposition.
    Its more because of the corruption and official "keramoti",that's ruining Bangladeshi football.I think case with India is similar.
    Sabir! Dammit!!! Why did you open an ID? You could have used mine! Oh sheesh the mods will know that you are my Fake ID! hahahahaha

    BTW- Seriously they dont know this ongoing game of ours, they might ban you! :P God Speed
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