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    Samba spy scandal

    Now the pictures is clear to me. Thankx for your input ❤️
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    Samba spy scandal

    Wasn't this a MI operation?? We know about ISI's operation but rarely listen something of this level by MI..
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    Samba spy scandal

    The Samba Military Spy Scandal [1][2] ('The Indian Army's Darkest Chapter') was a cold war military intelligence program which eventually emerged as a scandal in 1979. According to the Indian Army , the military program was run by the MI of Pakistan to seek information on Indian Army's...
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    Your Current Hobby?

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    Anyone suffering from coronavirus?

    I am having flu and cough (at night usually) since last one week and no fever. And i believe that its just cold because i was exposed to cold weather exactly a week ago.. I haven't isolated myself.. living with my family.. Not a songle case is reported so far here in Azad kashmir.
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    Cop killed, vehicles and houses set on fire by mob in northeast Delhi’s Maujpur

    Kabil is already burned... Now its time for dehlii
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    Pakistan’s diversity is unmatched !

    Pakistan has everything except a competent and intelligent leader :mad:
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    Please consider helping Science

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    BRA commander shot dead by Unknown Gunmen in Iran

    Loving it...!! Black Ops were long been carried out in Afghanistan But now in Iran hoping to Hear about such ops inside the epicenter of terror (india) taking out the masters of these proxies
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    Why Pakistan loses its best

    Nothing hurt me more than reading and listening such stories.. We never even try to get better despite having immense potential and there is absolutely no shortage of bright minds in our country.. But alas.!!! Our leaders are thugs and always incompetent.. And we are the reason.. Ironically we...
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    Your favorite Hollywood film scenes

    There are too many.. But most fav is thor entery scene in wakandaa battle. :flame:
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    Pakistan: No immediate plans to evacuate citizens from China

    Thank you so much for your kind guidance.. Will be interested to know more about it through your research.. :-)
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    It’s honour if Indians are happy with my exit from ISPR:

    My all time favorite DG. ISPR. Hope the new guy will follow his lagacy
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    Pakistan: No immediate plans to evacuate citizens from China

    Even when we are in such Pathatic situation.. Allah is still saving us from so many nightmares.
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    Pakistan: No immediate plans to evacuate citizens from China

    Sir how different is this virus from dengue, Eloba etc as per your assessment? What is basically the cause of this virus or its cause is yet to be known?