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  • from my personal experince every pakistani teenager thinks that he is a gansta and that being in a gang is a cool think. and they have no cursiosty for the outside world.
    Sorry for the late responce i have been busy with stuff D: I am currtnly about to finish my GCSEs. and i am an astronomy student plan on going into cosmology and extragalactic astronomy later on :P.
    I couldn't help but notice you have russle's pic as your avatar quite suprising to see a pakistani with that avatar =o no offence =p.
    Everyone has the right to air his or her views as long as these do not come under treason or harming the defence and integerity of the country.

    You also have the right to support Indians or have a soft corner thats your personal choice. As you are thanking their posts against Pakistan.

    I may not agree with everything Mr Zaid says but atleast in case of his honesty for Pakistan i do support my Country over India.
    Thats the group i am talking about.

    There was a boy from IJT, he was asking about Kazab issue. Mr Zaid said to him "beta ap sawal karo hum ap ko jawab dain gay aur agar ap ko phir bhee ikhtilaf ha tau ap ko haq ha"

    when the boy did ask and Mr Zaid replied him in clear words about his beleive in Muhammad (PBUH) as Last Prophet of Allah. The goones from PSF, and the said group started hungama and refused to listen. They said why they were not asked for permission to hold lecture and why he came through the Governor, they also were angred for passes.

    All this happend before the speech. They fired upon us after the lecture.
    I attended his lecture. Those 6 or 7 people were from a group funded by some elements i will let u know later.

    They opend fired on us and then thrown stones after the lecture was over.

    They also threatend to kill the studenst inside the hall.

    The man in question is not a student neither part of Islamia college.

    he was saying why they were not given free passes.

    anyway i have seen the entire drama.

    Thousands of students girls and boys cheered mr Zaid and listened to him where as these terrorists from a group who's head is a visitor to India :) has planned the entire drama for publicity.
    :) you unn ka masla yeh ha yeh ganday log kabhi apni ghaltyon se nahi sekhain ga ab bhi bewakoof ameerki awam ka paisa youn hee baha rahay hain.
    AoA.thank u for ur reply on my post...can u kindly tell me how to post pictures in reply or else i tried but failed....actually i m new here...
    In all these so called Indian projects russian and other countries enginners are involved.
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