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    Sharif govt puts Iran pipeline 'off the table'.

    Oh yes. As long as it is about iran.
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    Sharif govt puts Iran pipeline 'off the table'.

    No, It was never in hands of PMLN or anyone. Its the US / KSA vs iran.
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    Ch Nisar invites TTP for a Cricket Match !

    So taliban have also refused to play cricket in Pakistan due to 'security concerns'??? :omghaha:
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    Sharif govt puts Iran pipeline 'off the table'.

    After Iran US agreement, it was expected that this project will be completed soon. But now it seems that things have not changed much.
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    Aamir Liaquat Hussain trying to say he is Santa Claus?

    Haters gonna hate. No doubt that he is still very famous person, despite of all BS.
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    Musharraf to be tried for 'Treason' | Nawaz Sharif

    By raising this issue, PMLN has nicely diverted the attentions of people from budget and its affects. Now no one is talking about the taxation blasts and budget will be approved silently. Shame.
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    Nawaz planning to bring NAB under PM Office

    This department should be independent and able to screw all, but these goons cannot see anyone above them.
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    Titanic of the Muslim Ummah is sinking: Altaf Hussain

    At the very first, who made Pakistan the 'chaudary' of muslim ummah?
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    Geo News Has been ordered by its Editorial Board not to use word Terrorist

    bajaj doesn't own geo, not even 1%.
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    New PPP Campaign Ad - PML-N in disarray?

    This is what the judiciary is all about.
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    Geo News Has been ordered by its Editorial Board not to use word Terrorist

    Nope. Boycott is not the solution, IMO, if we find anything offensive, then we may file complaint against them in PEMRA.
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    PML-N leaders making efforts for settlement of Shahzaib murder case

    Good move IMO, 250 Mn is not a small amount, hanging the killer will have no benefit to the family of deceased, by this amount they can live a good life, at least the financial loss due to death of shahzeb will be compensated.
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    2.38 million rich Pakistanis don't pay taxes

    Read my above post, i have already replied to your question.
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    Altaf Hussain gives Muftis, Ulema 24 Hrs to Condemn Attack on Malala

    What effect that condemnation will have on the minds of killers? Or in other words, in mullah fatwon ki kia auqaaat hai? Are they gonna change the mentality of killers?
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    Malala Yusufzai: Victim of Barbaric Terror and Dirty Politics

    This is just an attempt to trigger the hate against Islam that ISLAM doesn't allow women education, and they are successful to an extent. And our media is playing great role in it. Almost every journalist did late sitting to write an article on the issue, which Fatman sir is posting :)

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