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    CJCSC Gen Raza says 'unnecessary views' on Pakistan's nuclear programme should be avoided

    Pakistan is as good as denuclearized at this very moment. We must realize that the entire national leadership (across all national institutions) is completely compromised and is serving at the pleasure of foreign powers. However, they think that they can shape public opinion away from this fact...
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    Featured Pakistan Air Force: Punching Above Its Weight

    I am highly interested. Have searched for these books for atleast a year, either they've been too expensive or just unavailable. Please let me know.
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    Two Soldiers got martyred and 4 Injured in an IED attack by terrorists in Eidak #northwaziristan

    You don't dance with the devil because you get burned. But apparently our national leadership have sold their souls to the highest bidder, to an incarnation of the devil. They don't care for their Jawans and young officers. It is a genius strategy: let all the brave, selfless young officers...
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    Qatar-DIMDEX-2022. Pakistan Participating

    Please don't embarrass me. I specifically said 'indigenization of spares' for AIP - basically meaning that PN is working to indigenize routine ('consumable') spares. We do not have the capability to indigenously design such a system, even if we do I am not privy to anything of this sort and...
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    Qatar-DIMDEX-2022. Pakistan Participating

    I can confirm the above. NRDI is actively working on maintenance/troubleshooting/indigenization of spares for the PN Agostas (specially AIP). Have seen cases of the above. That's all I can say.
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    Images from PRSS-1

    Visited the SUPARCO stall at IDEAS 2018. The pictures from PRSS and PakTES included those of Mumbai Harbor and some other Indian 'special' locations. Quality was surprisingly very good. I may have a video of the picture slideshow somewhere.
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    India's MoD announces Hypersonic Glide Vehicle & Directed Energy Weapons among 18 major platforms for Industry led Design & Development

    Unaware of the latest update, but as of last year it was as good as frozen due to lack of interest/mismanagement/frequent coming and going of the concerned human resource.
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    Pakistan's Pathway to the Bomb

    Can't wait. Its about time that Pakistani scholars take up the job of putting out our history, in our own words, before the world. I've read two out of the handful of Pakistani-authored books on the nuclear program, each successively better in quality than the previous one. I hope that Mansoor...
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    Can Pakistan Manufacture Civil Nuclear Power Plants without Chinese Help?

    Pakistan's Khushab heavy water reactor is believed to have a large amount of indigenous content. Multiple sources of literature point out that the reactor drew upon a large number of local industries (both in the public and private sector). The names of HMC, KSB Pumps, PEL, Descon, etc figure...
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    Muhammad Khurrasani spokesperson of TTP killed in Afghanistan - PTV News

    I have a feeling that this really is the case. And I'd rather that the PTV and APP continue to do this, rather than the ISPR.
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    Indian hackers target Pakistani Strategic Organizations

    In the cyber domain at least, Pakistan is entirely at the mercy of its enemies. I have no doubt in my mind that a large number of our communication networks and machines in the govt, armed forces and other sensitive institutions are compromised. And I haven't even included the private sector...
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    Muhammad Khurrasani spokesperson of TTP killed in Afghanistan - PTV News

    Not very frequently. PTV is gradually becoming something better than the sitting govt's mouthpiece/propaganda ministry.
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    Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated a 100,000-tonne PVC III plant

    Engro is a perfect example of a local company with US-style corporate management practices investing in the country's future. A far cry from the Seth companies who are leeches and rent seekers and do nothing to strengthen the economy and improve livelihoods. Jahangir Piracha, the CEO of EPCL...
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    UAE made air launched cruise missile

    The only thing that matters to me is the aesthetics. We need to learn how to sell our stuff. I'm not talking about our missiles (since they are strategic weapons), but our UAVs and even the JF-17 need better marketing and presentation.
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    Featured Pakistan Navy Type 054AP Frigates - Update, News & Discussion

    "You must understand that when the Messenger of Allah, on whom be the blessings of Allah and peace, named you Saifullah - the Sword of Allah, he predetermined that you would not fall in battle. If you had been killed by an unbeliever it would have meant that Allah's sword had been broken by an...

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