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  • Worry not mate...... i know your actions ...... most of the the times.....are in support of the management.
    Thanx allot mate, really appreciate your reply.... and yes i understand that this news might not complement the final out come but its the rumors and the speculations that make the waiting more fun and bearable. :) Thank you once again. Salam.

    Could you please elaborate on the rough sketch that you saw of the stealthier version of the JF-17? As is did it have those beautiful twin canted vertical stabilizers or not? :)

    much appreciated
    there is 3g and all but somthing is wrong with the net line thats y im trying to get a wireless with wi fi connection i herd its way better
    oh lol,that strange.in india also mostly slow NET only. But no prob for me as i surfing through my mobile
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