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  • Parachinar and much of Kurram is inhabitted by the Shiia tribe (Turri). I belong to this tribe. For years, we used to co-exist with everyone. But the taleban with their imported extremist ideology are against the Shiia people. For long time they try to destabilize and disturb the peace of Kurram.

    Therefore, people of Kurram are very suspicious of foreigners --and also taleban militants. If there is a tribe giving a support to taleban/pro-taleban elements ---the rumours spread fast. We know our lands well, people talk. Everyone knows who is who.

    I wish OBL made his way to Kurram Agency. We would roast him and hang him, after shooting down his security protocol. We handle our guns much better than they do.
    i appreciate the kind words....the important thing is trust. US/Pakistan/Afghanistan now collectively have interest to stop taleban. The mistake made is how to combat them. Guerilla war should be fought using guerilla tactics.

    I hope we can succeed, because failure means instability in our region which nobody wants or can afford.

    its a bunch of garbage.....the people there obviously havent done their research.

    OBL and taleban are most hated in Parachinar. They are not safe in those lands. That is why Kurram Agency has not been littered with taleban problem to the extent of other agencies like Bajaur.

    i already saw the UCLA report...we are laughing at it. Parachinar is very close to the border with Tora Bora --but it means nothing. Because the locals know everybody who comes into the agency. The presence of taleban/foreign fighters in Kurram Agency (especially Parachinar) would arise extreme suspicion, and us Turri are pro-govt.
    Well I guess it happening 4 times already, would be called a habit. Someone is sure pissed off with me.

    I am not sure who needs the "re-education" though. Me or "them"! ;)
    But dont you think that corrections were imminent as prices were just going upwards and upwards unrealisticly.So why didn't they read the market then???
    Or was everyone just concerned about profits??
    Exactly that's what I was wondering.When prices are down and loans are available at cheap rates then how could be it that people in U.S. are not buying heavily and it is just a year or so before economy will be picking up again.Actually for anyone who was saving it's high time to go for concessions available.

    Another point is that isn't time right for builders to go for projects that take 2-3 years or buy property and renovate as right after 3 years economy will be at boom with people willing to buy.
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