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    45 Indian Chefs in Germany

    Insignificant troll. I pity you. I feel sorry for you. Get well soon.
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    45 Indian Chefs in Germany

    I hope people are joking here. Anyone who thinks Modi is wasting money, I feel sorry for your education or rather the lack of it. Much more money is lost everyday due to public administration inefficiencies, which the govt has done a lot to improve. Your near-sighted neo-gandhianism reeks of...
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    India Developing, but still a long way to go

    Continuing 6) This is the school where I studied for around 8 years. We have 6 schools inside with 2 places where you have classes till 12. It has its own ground outside, with a residential building on its side. 7) Some other residential blocks. 7) I am not sure what building this...
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    India Developing, but still a long way to go

    These are pictures of Anushakti-nagar, the civilian colony which houses the employees of the BARC, Mumbai. All of the from the facebook group "Anushaktinagar Events", I am not sure about who the original copyright owners are(Subtitles mine). Moreover I am not endangering "national security" as...
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    Manohar Parrikar was given tour of Japanese helicopter carrier ” Izumo”

    Um no Gandhi was not the representative of India. He was from the INC. There was no "india" then to represent. Moreover the only representative from "India" (sic) , British India would have been the Governor-General of India :| I see you get your History(with a capital 'H' :| ) from movies. He...
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    7 Foods That Changed the World

    Where is olive oil, and wine ? Also I see no sugar, being omnipresent these days. Where is salt, an important preservative ? Milk is also missing, moreover it predates agriculture, its importance is unfazed.
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    Happy Nowruz everyone ! Promote Love & Peace ! happy new year !

    Happy Navroz to our Aryan brothers :P Meanwhile, Kashmiri Pandits also celebrate Navroz, which we call Navreh on the Spring Equinox as well!
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    Kashmiri Song: Zoon Tarakh Intizarus

    Kashmiri (Or Koshur in Kashmiri) is a Indo-European Language through its Dardic sub-branch. It is closely related to Sanskrit, and has a lot of Persian and Arabic loan words. However its grammatical base is most closely related to that of Vedic Sanskrit. Some words I can pull of my head. Water...
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    When the water in the spring turned black.

    When I went back, the first time in my life. Both of these houses dont exist anymore, I just went there this year. The sad part is I had never been to my homeland in my life before, and parents went after 22 years. I lost the count of the number of times my mother shed tears.I remember when we...
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    When the water in the spring turned black.

    My ancestral house in srinagar. My mother in her youth, sitting at the staircases in her newly constructed house in Srinagar. This photo was taken just two months prior to the day when my mother's family, along with many others, fled the valley. I belong to one of the foremost families of...
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    When the water in the spring turned black.

    Kashmir Valley, 1989-90 It was from a neighbour that we heard the first rumours. He had gone to the ration shop to get sugar when he overheard a man exclaiming — ‘Inshallah, next ration we will buy in Islamabad!’ It was around this time that bus conductors in Lal Chowk could...
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    Tata Group to Invest $8.3 Billion in India

    lol troll cant count.
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    LHC orders construction of Kalabagh Dam!!

    Doesnt the constitution of Pakistan define and demarcate the roles, scope and responsibilities of the judiciary, administration and the political class ? I think the judiciary has overstepped its purchase, and this order might be, unconstitutional.
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    Nice Pictures

    Leh, India
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    Indian Military Picture Thread

    fantastic pics!

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