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    Featured Surge of afghans requesting for Pakistani visas, Afghan Govt asks for Pakistani Embassy's help

    Insha’Allah and for Afghans no more visa problems win win for all.
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    Raids conducted on tip-off by Tiger Force at motorway rest areas

    Ptwaree modie kaa yarr gadar can't be fixed without force so good going tiger force bravo.
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    Man accused of raping tuberculosis patient on ventilator in India

    That's sick Hindutva mindset gross shameless nation just speechless.
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    Aw! China bullies Best-Boy Modi

    No modie is a Terrorist and will remain one kutta kie dum sidhie nahie hosaktie you can't change the Little NAZIE.
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    Featured Azerbaijan Armenian War

    we will see about that and its aint that far away supporting an occupier had just expose your true identity an indian hiding behind my pakistani flag.
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    Featured Azerbaijan Armenian War

    There will be no Armenia left at the end of war
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    It is my gift to my Pakistani brothers from Turkiye.

    Thanks for the positive vibes brother and stay blessed turkey.
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    Turkish drone power

    I hope PAF hiups take a good look at Turkish drone tech get it asap with tot and that will be a great decision and a nightmare for our enemies.
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    PM Narendra Modi Has ‘Decided' Date of War with China, Pakistan, Says UP BJP President Swatantra Dev Singh

    please PDFRS dont call modie jie a chamar calling names will never do any good to him as we all know mr surrindara modie jie is a small NAZI sitting in a big office so just chill keep doing what you were doing to him.
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    Featured After Erdoğan, Prime Minister Imran Khan condemns French President Macron over Islamophobia

    you hindutva RSS sanghies will never understand what PM IK intention is you will need some brains to understand OUR PM go teach a ting our two to your chiwal NAZI terrorist and by the way our economy is just doing fine compared to randian economy do some research than open your disgusting mouth...
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    Pakistan must be destroyed!

    PM IMRAN KHAN was right about ENDIAN modies fascist NAZI mentality this article is the true reflection of their HINDUTVA akhand bharat wet dreams to the sanghies kabhi aoo naa khusbu lagakaa.
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    Indian Americans , a shameless bunch

    Don't even say that AMERICA and INDIA is nayer equal you are galaxies apart from each others in all spectrums so come your little indian ego down stop smoking whatever shit you are smoking cuz its making you delusional my little indian naybour.
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    Quetta: Four suspected terrorists killed after an exchange of fire in Dasht area

    kill all the INDIAN financed TTP BLA ETC terrorists hunt them down upto the top go after them beyond our borders inflict some pain to them 4 is not enough R&W NDS modie should feel the pain for each of my pak soldier we want 10 indian state terrorist kill no matter AFG LAC LOC we know our anemie...
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    China builds new structures near LAC, relocates troops. India reads a message

    India has bullied all the smaller country's in region for so long know China is wiping ENDIA and modie Hindutva RSS TERRORISTS are in pain and I am loving it and Pakistan should join the party.
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    Turkish drone power

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