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  • Nick Brotherhood has hacked into my profile and displayed my personal information in the public Forum. I hope the management of this Forum would have certain restriction regarding such tactic.

    hey bro, I dont in anyway support killing of anyone !! my first reply was a satire on the thread... (referring to the one about drone attack statistics)
    Welcome back sir..
    your posts are always refreshing and up to the mark.

    keep it up.
    Salaams RR,

    Nice to see you back with thought provoking posts.
    Hope life has treated you really well and you keep posting here.

    Hello roadrunner...who is this flintlock and why are you comparing me with her??..i am not anyone in disguise...bezerk put up a picture of a half man-woman and you think im someone else...why is this??
    A smart guy like you can barely be seen in the real sense!!! You are really very impressive. The reflexive quality you keep is uncommon. The world eagerly needs intelligent people like you. Truly constructive....!! Are you a civil engineer? Or production?
    you have really pissed of S-2 -)

    GOOD JOB. A paricular mode is very supportive of this guy.
    Love your posts mate... keep exposing the Indian terrorists working to destroy the peace of this world....
    Hey RR.
    You haven't been online for a while. Starting to miss your posts. Everything well?

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