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  • I am not GOD so I can't give final judgement what he will do on day of Judgement because you your self Muslim but by denying Hadees you are doing exactly what Kharji did and HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAW told Muslims that Kharji will go to hell
    You will know if ALLAH decides you to be sent to hell you will know it sooner or later
    I am just the servant of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAW and it was Kharjis who use deny Hadees even in when he was alive he named them Kharjis and said they will be in hell fire and are of worst of all
    Mr Hadees are part of Islam Mr so you are not a Muslim Mr call your self Kharji you can't follow majority orders of Quran without Following Hadees you will not even know how to offer salah leave other things aside and ayats of Quran are also very clear but if you want to close your mind that is your problem
    No Sir their is we and that we Present majority of Muslims more than 99 % of Muslims but their are 1 % Impotents like you who are to scared of Americans
    Sir most agree Sir most agree and those who don't they do it because they are ignorant of what is ordered in Quran and Sunnah killing the person who insults HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAW is his sunnah and we will follow it and finish all those who insult him but some impotent Muslims are to afraid to do it they need doctors we will love to send them
    No Sir we will not move on until and unless we finish those who dare insult our PROPHET SAW also any other PROPHET PBUH
    Sir more than 99 % Percent are because that is part of our Iman Belief and we will finish every bastard who will insult HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAW INSHALLAH
    Sir Muslims are not scared of it and Muslims who love HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAW know what to do with those who insult him
    Stop watching too much indian propaganda media. You beleive your Pakistani brothers or Indians?
    48 Pakistan & India fought a war, Pakistan was proceeding furiously when india knocked UN & UN request for ceasefire, 65 Pakistan had army of 220000 vs 750000 indian army still Pakistan thrash them like flies, Chwinda has become graveyard of indian tanks, Air victory was totally Pakistani. In 71 india attacked cowardly & won. 99 was 5000 Pak army vs 35000 indian army in the end Pakistan had 603 martyrs while india had 577 deaths plus 4 migs & 1 helicopter while non Pakistani plane lost, Also indian vajpayee ran to US & US offered Nawaz to withdraw for $, so it was nawaz decision to withdraw cuz he got $.
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