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    Urgent SOS message from a Kashmiri

    bat k rahay ga hindustan ly ker rahay gy Pakistan 2 :😁
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    US court denies relief to Pakistan in Reko Diq case.

    hasnt this matter already settled outside the court ? they
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    Pakistan Vs Australia 2nd Test Still defensive captaincy Mindset of Misbah

    do you know never in history of cricket a team batted so many overs in 4th inings to save a test ? also btw what do you mean we will never win against australia do you know what happen when they visited uae last two tines for tests ?
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    Pakistan economy destroyed, ishaq dar pakistan last elected foreign minister

    yes we should elect him again he will bring the value of rupee to 100 again and we can import alot of fancy stuff all Pakistanies will be rich :) kyun nikala isay :@
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    Germany decides to buy F-35, in major reversal of announced plans

    so the plot worked for usa pushed russia to war and start milking the rich europe 😅
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    Pakistan Vs Australia - 2002 Tour - 1st test

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    Voice of 'Mujhe kyun nikala' will once again echo in federal capital: Akhtar Mengal

    as if you will not bow down infront of Juniad Safdar :D :P you know you will
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    Voice of 'Mujhe kyun nikala' will once again echo in federal capital: Akhtar Mengal

    brother you will always be a slave and your kids will be salved of Maryam and then her son :) and so on
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    Indian Brahmos missle crashes in Mian Channo

    i think its a kind of cold test to see how the missile might perform in actual launch which they might plan after another false flag soon, as they now know their air force is not gonna be good enough
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    Blast reported in a mosque in Peshawar - 56 dead and 196 injured. This is developing story.

    Well they will never let peace prevail, we should go back to 90s aggresive policy against this enemy, if should stop being defensive we should make sure no mare cricket is also played there as well
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    Embargo on English learning and talking in Pakistan

    once a patwari always a patwari laga rah
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    Danger and demons: Yemen's mysterious 'Well of Hell'

    even just from the pictures i can tell its a meteroid, which probably fell here 1000s or millions of years ago

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