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    Pakistani patients facing heavy odds in India

    how much is the difference in pay of a pvt Doctor and govt doctor?? And why doctors dont want to work in rural areas??
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    Sanskrit Language: The Most Scientific, Ancient, Spiritual

    Pathati pathata pathanti pathasi pathath pathathah pathami pathavah pathamah :lol:
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    F1 race track in making.......

    I have faith in our technology,they'll finish it before time. We have "Jugaad" technology :lol:
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    Sri Lanka Army to acquire Indian vehicles

    Ashok leyland stallions :)
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    Sikh Pilgrims arrive in Pakistan

    ok..anyways..i felt its sumthing more than turban.
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    Sikh Pilgrims arrive in Pakistan

    you see 2nd pic of first post, is that the same guy in your avatar ??
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    India ready to play ball in Pak

    no..not at all But "aman ka tamasha" to be precise:lol:
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    Beat India !!!

    oops....my bad:hitwall:
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    Beat India !!!

    Trust me Nair saab..it wont work...people are not that much connected with China,we dont try to compete with them even in sports. It will be better to say If you love India....thats it...people will get emotional for OUR India.
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    Answering insanilty with insanity

    Gujrat incident had been condemned million times, on this forum itself.. you have any better arguement ??
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    Centre planning to station Army permanently in Kashmir:Geelani

    bhai samjha to do ??? kya super ?
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    Aaminah Haq: Super Model on Parathas!

    Let aaminah open her mouth....then only we'll know.
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    Anna Hazare released from jail after India-wide protests, begins fasting

    Kiran bedi..i really want her to join politics..Dont know why she seems genuine.

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