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  • Heh heh, ya but truth is most of us lose our sanity on the forum, me too. I too end up saying thing i don't mean and in turn i too am misunderstood. On what you were trying to say there, i think surveys show clearly that a majority pakistanis believe in rather harsh punishments.
    haha yeah you get used to it after a while. And when they start with their anti jew anti hindu tripe, it just means that they are out of arguments.

    DW you ll get thick skinned like the rest of us here soon.:P
    Oh cool! Ya mumbai is incredibly crowded, dirty and short on infra, but i love it, its home.

    No i'm a finance guy, ya most indians are IT, and now many indian IT guys in KL too. So what do you do, you apprently travel a lot! These days i'm not in SG I'm in Dubai!
    No mate, did not learn Malay, tried mandarin, but too tough :) loved to pick out common words from Malay though, like perdana mentiri, Tissue muka etc etc!

    I'm from Mumbai!
    Hi there, I take it you are malay?

    I've lived in SG many years and visit KL all the time, was there in April. Love that part of the world.
    Will try when I find some time. I am about to become a father. So there are too many comitments at stake for me. Any way as you have suggested, I'll try to come on a visit with my family
    I have been to no where other than India. I don't have a interest in travelling, I am farmer and a software engineer, So finding time to travel is a big deal for me.
    So what do you do?
    Haha. Brah, don't get me wrong.. Dehli and Madras was fun :)) Jaipur too.. I have been to India 4 times.. Just that, my preference is bustling modern big cities. Coimbatore was abit too small for me. New York city is my all time favorite city so you can see where my taste goes. lol. Have u been to Malaysia before?
    You have been to coimbatore? I am not ammused to see that you felt boring with the city. But it has one of the best climates TN has to offer, besides its a industrial city, what can any one find in Coimbatore other than "INDUSTRIES".
    So what are you doing, I am happy to meet you in PDF
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