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  • hello, in present times of despair, we need to project every little positive about our armed forces. this will surely help improving he image of military in eyes of national and international community.

    these day, the military is busy in helping the flood effected people in Sindh. i have started a thread to cover the event. it will be really nice if you can take out some time and visit:


    a bit of your appreciation and contribution regarding this event is required.

    thanks in advance!
    Go into the section where you want to post the thread, there find the Forum Tools button, click it, a list of options will open and click Post a New Thread option and proceed and then you will know what to do next.
    Rehan, it is advised to refrain from just one liners. If you wish to post, then post meaningfully in one medium, long or atleast 2-3 line post. One liners make it unattractive for users to read the forum as it looks very out of way.

    So learn how other members post, other then just one liner posts.

    That way, people enjoy reading the thread and posts.

    As you are new, so we like to advise new comers to improve and contribute positively.

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