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    They have 3 types yes, but they always start you off on the basic card (green) or the gold card...

    They have 3 types yes, but they always start you off on the basic card (green) or the gold card if your income is high enough. You need to activate internet commerce only once and all transactions done via internet are secured by OTP & 3D secure.
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    Go ahead

    Go ahead
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    Help needed!Buying courses on Udemy/Coursera via Debit Card

    You need to get your debit card activated for ecommerce first. Secondly get a credit card made. It is more easily accepted while doing forex transactions than a debit card. I've bought udemy courses for refreshing my financial modelling skills & for learning Python coding using HBL credit cards.
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    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    Not a flop. This was a standard fit for RAF & export Jaguars.
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    PAF Celebrating Mirage Golden Jubilee

    There is a glass panel (probably housing a BDA camera) in front of the aircraft's Doppler navigation radar fairing. That fairing is not a FLIR at all.
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    SD card detection issue after encryption

    Never encrypt your sd card without first plugging the phone into a power outlet. Second always note down the encryption key (if it is displayed by your phone) to ise if things go sideways. Third if the encryption process is interrupted due to any reason whatsoever, your storage media is screwed...
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    Karachi keep blackmailing & blame gaming Government to get the 1.1 Trillion rupees massive development money package | Victim-hood Card works

    News flash learn to differentiate between tax incidence and tax burden similarly learn to differentiate between revenue/tax generation & revenue/tax collection.
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    Glorious Merit of Quota System

    Nope, founded by the owners of Packages.
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    FBR Uses WHT & Mobile Subscriptions to Spot Tax Evaders

    Being a filer is not equal to discharging actual tax liability. Many filers file nil income tax returns but have paid billions in witholding taxes. Simply put they haven't paid their income taxes.
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    Pakistan's Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircrafts.

    If it happens then include me as well. My handle hasn't changed since ages tough I have become less than active over the last 8 or so years.
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    India Is A Monster That Needs To Be Kept In Check

    Ok wiseass! Name just one just one such district in Punjab.
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    Old vs new political map of Pakistan

    Read my post above.
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    India Is A Monster That Needs To Be Kept In Check

    Gurdaspur, Jallandhur, Zeera & Ferozepur. All muslim majority districts, all given to India despite being contiguous with the rest of Pakistani Punjab allowing overland access to Kashmir (esp Gurdaspur).
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    Old vs new political map of Pakistan

    Going by your country's hypocritical stance of "Kashmir's Raja acceded to us so hell with the muslim majority population's wishes." The Nawab of Junagadh acceded to Pakistan so by virtue of that accession it is Pakistani territory. Similarly since the Nizam didn't accede to India, Hyderabad...

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