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  • No main people who fighting them is Mesud tribe, Uzbeks, Arabs, some Punjabi and Pakhtun illiterates.
    90% of these have no experience in fighting. They are fighting for sharia, they will never trust Pakistan goverment, they will fight untill sharia in the whole country. When goverment allowed Sharia in Swat and talked to them and made a peace deal, they said they don't accept, they said they will do "ghazwa-e-hind" and Pakistan is part of hind. These are scum and can't be talked to, they only know one language of the gun.
    When I said that is correct but that is what they do and they have the stamina to do it for next 100 years they have fought and defeated Super Powers again and again and they will make sure they give ultimate pain and damage to Pakistan and to stop this we need to talk to them and stop fighting them on American orders
    Sir that is their style of revenge they if you will kill your children they will kill your children that has more to do with pakthoon customs than Islam
    Sir Pakistan Army attacked them on American orders than they reacted and hit back with suicide bombings Sir they know how to take revenge that is their old habit which they do when some one attacks them and you not only attacked them bombed their children and did on orders from kafirs
    No but I expect the same thing what they are doing when I am killing some one on some else order and I am not doing anything for them and just calling them terrorists for no reason than I should not expect any other kind of reaction from them
    we can tallk on this, but before we start that, we have to change our mindset about Cj , IMran & nawaz relationship?
    & we can't disscuss evry thing here?
    But we can do it privatly .
    NRO was never been sent by, CIA it was created by ISI, to accomodate all of them , as a goodwill gesture & to give this crazy nation , what it was asked.
    Cj,s prroblems aren't only with arsalan, but what about his wife,s london trips? That's driving him crazy, directly he can't do anything against army, but he is puncturing the system given by the army, on the orders of his masters, who became his masters because , his participation against musharf regime?
    It all happend after he was awarded, in newyork!
    Its the democrcy, which imran is trying to use as his advantage, even he himself not like once, BTW me & imran , we share the same pathan tribe, of NIAZI,s from MIANWALI, we share same relationship, with army too.
    ts not I am public enemy of IMRAN, but some times I try to see how tough politicly , his peoples are!
    Don't get wrong impresion, just check my post on PTI loadshading thread, I have supported oIMRAN & PTI, because , I think imran & pti should do more issues bassed politics thn , hidding themselves the ego bassed, croupt Cj , who is a undercover agent of CIA.
    I hope & wish that you get, the answers you was looking for, also I don't like 5 different threads , appearing on PDF on the same time , in same day.
    I know my brother, its not only you there are many others, who get annoyed from my posts, bt they don't realise that a big brother is watching.
    Come brother, now you made me serious, so I am strating to strat drinking my beer. Lolzzz
    Love , peace , enjoy takecare.
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