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  • PSC is calling for Railways..send the application..last date is mar 30
    who were those guys?lolz congrats for using timeout :p ..na i didnt started active job hunting as of now..just sending some resumes thats all..have to start this month..other wise will become begger soon :D
    heyy i resigned my job and now joining a new firm on March 1st..so before that i am travelling..now in Vishakapattanam :D ..just for fun ..will come back activily when i am back in Cochin..:D
    I do not have access,I was banned for not being regular.The admin there have set up some weird rules so that free members are forced to subscribe by paying fees.
    I am posting in your wall because we shouldn't be talking about other forums here.
    athe athe... !!! evidepoyalum oru malayali kanum.. ennu prayunnathu ethra shariya..!!!! :)
    wot is htis.. it seems we have more members from kerala here than any other state..!!!!
    heyy man nice to hear that you are from kerala :D.Me too..where are u frm in Kerala?
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