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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    Hi why we all dont Want to admit on this forum PAF or I should say GOP can’t get usa hardware for any of the three branches of Pakistani forces the better everyone look into it the better it’s for the readers to understand only and viable option at the moment for the three fighting branches are...
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    T-129 Atak & Turkish Attack Helicopter Programs

    Hi probably those 30 been exported to Philippines as USA let them exported to the mentioned country with the USA engines so Turkey can be compensated against PA order beside USA company also too just a thought thank you
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    Pakistan officially inducts HQ 9 Air Defence system

    Hi HQ9 P range at least will be around 150 plus to keep rafale and meteor missile at bay from PAF point of view I believe so thank you
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    Pakistan officially inducts HQ 9 Air Defence system

    Hi there as always PA or PAF or even PN they never reveal something until unless to be told by their supplier to reveal and put pressure on the adversary to shop around or stick to the plan( not to abandon S400) as we can see immense pressure from USA towards India not to go for S400 so along...
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    Hi we all need to keep in mind as very soon Chinese Third ACC coming on line they need j35 asap so even if the production is about 20/25 a year I suppose PAF will be getting these birds around 4/5 years after the production starts thank you
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    Karakorum - 8 (K-8) | Jet Trainer Aircraft.

    Hi is it possible for PAF readjust Front landing gear and install a gun like A10s if it’s possible to answer my Q thank you
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    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Hi thanks for your reply so as a layman like me to know which is the best out of two thank you
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    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Hi any body have a clue why this aircraft is carrying two pods side by side & what’s the difference for carrying a single to a dual pod of anybody having some better info to answer thank you
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    Hi 1700 km can be shorted if the awacs SAF operating at that time was purely manned by USAF crew you can imagine how they can look to the other side and let goes IAF fighters pass the Saudi territory they can even use a air refuler right in the middle of the Saudi territory for IAF to back and...
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    Pakistan Army Aviation Corps - Updated

    Hi may be in that case Bahrain negotiated with Pakistan to let go their side of AH1Z and Bahrain can take over ready to deliver and stored for PA AH1Z just a thought thank you
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    hi all these tactics to get famous in west/USA now a days after retirement publish a book on this kind of misadventures people love to read or it it’s click Hollywood if not Netflix Amazon will pick up the book and release a film or series in it with other so called under cover operations and...
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    Hi sir if it’s not a lone US operation then what’s the point of not been disclosed by PA himself and what’s the catch in it for Pakistan who been paid 💵 and where and what so at the end of the day USA officially denied any Pakistani Involvement in OBL raid if I may basically USA make a fool of...
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    DF-21D "carrier killer" missile for Pakistan?

    Hi bro don’t get me wrong PN or PA not getting this kind of stuff there is something called restricted supply of certain arms/ ammunitions otherwise USA can sell same thing for Indians to counter China but to some extent you can say or wish that China helps out pakistan in terms of know how if...
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    F-7P and F-7PG

    Hi if F7pg if still around after 5/7 years it’s better to give them some more rock & roll feeling with something like SD10 kind of magic I think it’s possible for F7 to fire SD10 with upgrades guided by further with the help of awacs so in this scenario they can be another M3/M5 for PAF though...
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    Featured US blocks delivery of Turkish gunships to Pakistan

    Hi you can get them if you have $$ so basically no money no honey situation at the moment so only one left without cash transactions is ChINA at the end PAA will be getting Z10 soon better then late thank you

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