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  • The thing is, Islam and secularism,democratic values coincide. Coincides to the point that it can be suspected these concepts were probably borrowed from Koran itself.

    Are you satisfied with "islamic" republic of pakistan's performance?
    I thought you despised secularism like the rest. But I liked your posts in the Turkish pianist topic. At least, you are getting used to the idea.

    This part surprised me:There is a form of Islam, in the revealed book itself, which people can follow. That is; one without sects; one without the Hadiths; and one that gives freedom to Atheists, and non-Muslims alike.

    I say this and get labelled Indian hindu all the time lol.
    Yeah i know that is why i put the word secular in inverted commas. But still, you are realizing the other side of it. Nice.
    Not really. Rest assured, it is possible to do well in every field. You'd do best choosing the subjects which most appeals to you.

    I noticed you are more, what should I say, "secular" in your views? Why the change??
    I am living in Nordland (north most county of norway) for a few months in summer vacation.

    Nice to know. So, are you planning to take up science subjects in college?
    Ray.. :Hitwall: :D
    Anyways... we are not happy about whats going on there either

    Btw Aryan_B is a good guy, ur comments about him were a bit unfair ;-)
    Well I don't know which one is the majority, I think you do so too, you're just speculating. Just like the protests in Iran - everyone outside of Iran were thinking opposition is the majority.
    Terrorists are bombing and killing civillians, you expect Syrian goverment be relaxed and watch it? And Iranian involvement is just at intelligence level and things like this
    (which means Iran is just trying to reduce casualtis). Surely at this situation providing military support by Iran for the goverment is a very stupid action (we already have a lot of problems) and there's no evidence about it
    I think you forgot lots of these Syrian PEOPLE, want Assad.
    Regarding the massacre in Syria, first you should blame those who armed the opposition groups + al-Qaeda and terrorists who turned routin demonstrations to this probably pointless war.
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