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Oct 26, 2016
    1. TenjikuKensei
      Thank you for taking your time to explain how to get the pm working, however for me, there is no "private messaging" option in the messaging&notification option group.

      I have the
      Receive Email from Administrators
      Receive Friendship Request Email
      Default Thread Subscription Mode:
      Enable Visitor Messaging
      Limit usage of Visitor Messages to Contacts and Moderators

      and that's it. But its k, ill potter around till I get that working.

    2. Tin Man
      Tin Man
      Thank you. It was a crazy moment. Im emberassed lol....
    3. Ratus Ratus
      Ratus Ratus
      in your Control Panel on the left hand side is a heading titled "Settings & Options".
      Under that there is an option "Edit Options".
      In this section under the second main option group is titled "Messaging & Notification". There are several sub boxes, 'Receive Email', then 'Default Thread Subscription Mode', then 'Private Messaging'. This is the one you need.

      To get PMs you need to check the first check box labeled "Enable Private Messaging".

    4. TenjikuKensei
      Thank you for the info.

      And I agree that making the map is probably one of the hardest parts in setting up a scenario.

      Btw Is the Pm thingie the Allow V card download option? cos apart from that I don't see a "pm" option in settings.

      Happy New Year!
    5. Ratus Ratus
      Ratus Ratus
      You have turned off your PM feature so you can not send one.

      As for Pakistan/India/China the closest is the game "Raging Tiger". This is though a US/S Korea vs N Korea. Though the game "The Start and The Crescent" is sort of close as it covers the Arab Israeli wars past and future. These are part of the ATF series and making maps is not a simple process.
    6. TenjikuKensei
      That thread was very informative. As of now I'm thinking of getting back to PBEM on SPWAW. I guess I should post on the depot forums for a opponent.

      btw, are there any india/pakistan/china scenario for spwaw or any of the other wargames? Thanks in advance

      ps: I couldn't find the send-pm option.
    7. TenjikuKensei
      Thank you for the link to that thread. I'm going over it right now. Will definitely ask any questions that arise. Is it correct for me to assume that you were probably one of those senior members in spwaw depot?

      Hell..I even took one of those training courses they had for spwaw. Didn't follow through on the advanced ones. The mods/tutors there were really helpful though..especially with their after action reports.

      Its been some years since i've played spwaw, but am definitely looking to get back in on the action. Thank you for taking your time to offer help!
    8. Abu Zolfiqar
      Abu Zolfiqar
      love the name :D
    9. fatman17
      we will blow our horns tonite as the power problem is rectified after 48 hours.
    10. fatman17
      today was death anniversary of my father - will read it after dinner
    11. fatman17
      waiting on cousins coming over!
    12. EagleEyes
      Oh it tells you that it will be moderated. Just to keep the naughty spammers in check. ;)
    13. EagleEyes
      Well, you sure are the popular social guy here on PDF? :)
    14. EagleEyes
      Indeed, good match with the avatar also.

      Edit: You should use that profile picture for the avatar also!
    15. EagleEyes
      How the black looks.. instead of the purple? :D
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