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  • The BD government is not doing anything as this will strengthen the army's hand which the AL does not want.
    I think there will not be a war this time,but in very near future,there will be a large scale war.They are preparing that way.
    About our govt.,I say sack the FM moni.She is talking rubbish.

    BTW why don't you post much bro?Anyways always nice to hear from you.
    Take care.
    Hey Raq
    Nice to hear from you bro. I haven't seen you around either. What's up with you?
    Tell you the trouth, I am more worry about Awami dalal's anti state activites than Burmes. Perhaps it's a new plan by Indo-Awami to gain control over Bd. Just wathc out for them munafiq bro.
    I think this is a game being played between India and Burma. If Burma does attack BD then the AL government will ask assistance from India. AL is unlikely to ask help from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China or the US. India will intervene directly in BD and quickly pretend to subdue Burma. In other words, India could become an occupying force. By this method India will obtain its transit facility and along with Burma gain exclusive rights to our natural resources inside BD and the Bay of Bengal.

    Another scenario is that India will stay on the sidelines and supply Burma will military equipment. Burma apparently has come out of the grip of China.

    In either scenario I think India is behind these developments. The Indian COAS is now in Burma making contacts with the military there.
    Hey raquib,nice to hear from you after a looooooong time!.......welcome back!.......u guys ripped w.indies apart!
    Hi bro,long time no see......life nie byasto hoye porle naki??.......missing your posts in the bd military section......COME BACK!!!...lolz....
    Bd ja start korechilo......you deserved to win......kintu majher dik kar baje shot selection dobalo bd-ke.......shakib to ekta faltu ball-e out holo.......spinners-rai match-ta ghurie dilo........but it was a good cricket match.....
    Believe it or not,i have the same feeling during a indo-bd match.......sotyi obak lage.....ki ar kora jabe......ei india team-e ektao bangali nei....tao ami india-ke support korchi,ekti bangali doler birudhdhe!!!.......tao amader modhye bangali gorbo ekhono ache.......sourav-ke jokhon bad deoa hoechilo,tokhon puro eden gardens south africa-ke support korechilo ,india-ke na......ironic,tai na?
    Sure,bhai......leon-er sathe oi niei kotha hochchilo.......we are gonna crush you today!muhahaha......joking........bangladesh has a great team for the t20 format,i hope u dont repeat the 2007 saga......anyways both of us wd advance from round 1.....real battle will start then!
    Walikum salaam brother. Glad to hear that and good luck with your future plan. Why army so quite about this issue and are let them dalal still roaming around? Have we ran out patriotic generals that can not take down this dalal like previously. I think people need get out from home and street justices this bastards before too late. I am worry about the country bro.
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