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    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Military is always aggressive..Its never purely defensive. It cant be..Enemy take one area, we capture another. So, this argument that we are defensive military is not all true. An airforce in particular is mostly offensive. We penetrate enemy to achive results for tomorrows battle. The famous...
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    Pakistan's Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircrafts

    REFUELERS: Not required until required. I mean, they dont have to be in air if we are not planning a deep strike. Mostly, we will keep to targets within reach without aerial refueling. Its just a potency that we can go for deep targets. Secondly, by aquiring more lethal and precise weapons, we...
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    Ajmal Kasab is Pakistani

    Ajmal kasab alond with almost 40 pakistanis were caught in india and various other places and then were pressurised and used by indians in this feat of terrorism. This is a big drama staged by indian intelligence agencies to pressurise pakistan and persue the world to let pakistan drop into the...


    The WARRIOR UAV demonstrator has been built by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems on the basis of their PREDATOR model.
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    UAVs going partners with Attack Helicopter.

    A-5 is not very agile or maneuverable aircraft due to its role. It is an old aircraft with a designated role of ground attack. New mutlirole aircraft have all these things available but we dont have that luxury my friend :) And ofcourse Spiders are better :):)...Its my sqn :)
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    UAVs going partners with Attack Helicopter.

    Manned war machines are much much better than UA, but the future holds many promises for UAs. People are working so hard in developing processor technologies to replace human (human brain) in machines. By about 2030, they will be able to do that. Then UAVs would not remain that expandable...
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    Air Force Question Thread

    The question is not how a UAV would fight against a fighter aircraft. The real threat would be on board jammers, early warning regarding the threat coming to UAVs in operation and Friendly assistance in the form of SAMs and aerial support. Nobody would leave a REAPER class UAV, unprotected...
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    UAVs going partners with Attack Helicopter.

    UAVs have a great future, possibly as partners to manned attack helicopters ‘Looking at Israel’s fighting in the West Bank cities and the latest US experience in Iraq, both US and Israeli officials contend that the day of the manned attack helicopter is over. The Israelis predict Iraq will see...
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    Pakistan UAVs News & Discussions

    A MQ-9 Reaper , a hunter-killer surveillance UAV used by the United States Armed Forces and British Armed Forces especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have uploaded some new photos at UAVs and their Future Prospects
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    Pakistan UAVs News & Discussions

    Well, i have seen almost all drones and UAVs of Pakistan (Pak Army n PAF) and this is none of our UAVs. The reason is that non of em has such landing gear assemblies ( red circled ). So, it may be some UAV but it not ours. So, the question arisies that why indians gave this news. Actually...
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    Air Force Question Thread

    Fight jets can be used for these drones. But due to drones' slow speed, the best option would be to use slow speed aircraft and helicopters. In this case, the drones would have to be at a lower altitude. About shooting down of SUs, they came in and as soon as they learned that PAF jets are...
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    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 2]

    I will. and will post u some of em :)
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    IDF/AF 2nd Best Air force in the World

    The basic strength of IDF/AF is their planning. Equipment supplements that. But as far as facing them is concerned, its not that gloomy a picture. We can beat the crap out fo them. Remember 1973 war. PAF has the honour of beating them. Thats why they hate us. Our strength is faith, training...
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    Chengdu J-10 Multirole Fighter Air Craft News & Discussions

    Wangrong, u a partially rite. PAF has ordered some J-10s but that deal has not been finalized yet. It is going through some package changes n stuff. And talking about the comparison of jf-17 and j-10; there is no comparsion my friend. J-10 is a far superior aircraft, consideredhi-tech against a...

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