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    Sikh lawyer's turban was 'kicked off his head as he was beaten to the ground in a racist attack in C

    one thousand percent agree. btw, they are tamil, this is a fact, not speculation.
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    We are (annoyed by) Malala!

    malala is heroic, young and without sounding patronising - simple and unworldly girl being paraded around the world by OTHER people, she is not creating an image but one is being created on her behalf, and in my opinion being blown out of proportion and context. for those looking to shape the...
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    Will Beijing help Riyadh go nuclear?

    the banks of "his nation" are controlled by just about every other interest aside from "his nation". so if saudi investments in big us banks makes him sleep easier then good for him!
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    Will Beijing help Riyadh go nuclear?

    confident response. enjoy your banks.
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    Will Beijing help Riyadh go nuclear?

    your banks? what do you mean by this? do you actually think these bankers have allegiance to your nation, or care a jot about your well being?:omghaha::usflag: its a funny fanboy who plays cheer leader for people who are kind of ruining his nation!
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    Russia can be next after Syria

    why are you so sure? what makes you think that it is a conventional war we are talking about, the russians are concerned about the concept of humanitarian war, making some fake human rights story, inserting some dupes/moles and then creating a justification to intervene. it wont be easy to...
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    Nine-year-old girl brutalized in Delhi

    india and pakistan are massive places, with massive populations and some very backward people, there seems to be no sense of proportion with news coverage, illogical to me.
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    Russia wants Nawaz to attend SCO summit

    russia is a key relationship to cultivate, and understand, i am not saying the only key one, one of many, but still important, pakistan must keep options open
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    A big question mark on India’s capacity to operate nuclear submarines

    touchy subject, almost every poster is indian.
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    Najam Sethi | How pakistan Army sabotages Peace process.

    sethi is a smooth talker and sometimes talks a lot of sense, however i do not think he so clean from any controversy, so if only he would apply that cutting critique and high standards to himself! often with pakistani liberals they spend so much time about talking of reform but where is the...
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    A Statue for A Pakistani Punjabi Hero.....Porus

    do the scottish have a claim on what happened in english lands?
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    Why So Few Nobel Prizes For Muslims? Why Are Muslims Killing Each Other?

    well the nobel prize for ecomomics is basically a misnomer, its actually the bank of sweden prize, alfred nobel did not deem economics as a nobel prize wining area.
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    British teen arrested for assaulting elderly Sikh man

    general question - if a guy is confronted in such a situation is he justified to firmly put the girl in her place? had this man been a bit younger i am confident he could easily deal with her (she probably wouldnt have picked on him anyway).
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    Why So Few Nobel Prizes For Muslims? Why Are Muslims Killing Each Other?

    nobel prize is hardly an objective measure of not achievement imo, remember it is decided by some random committee in some unknown process - thats not to say there isnt a wider point about lack of "achievement".
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    Indian army kills man trapped in rubble after finding out he's Muslim

    its not relevant, who cares, i wouldnt want them to in case you are wondering. interrogate him, find information, give him due process, and maybe he might end up dead, or as good as dead (long time in jail) anyway. theres this notion that you need to kill each one of these terrorists, and the...

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