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  • "RAW is hatred in Pakistan but we can not achieve love till there is hatred." Well, good luck with that. I will be interested to see how long it takes for you to be banned. Let's see, you joined 9-13-09. Plus 30 days is 10-13-09. Let's exchange messages on 10-13-09 to review how your project is working out. OK?
    ahh well i m here a few more days then i will go underground for 6 months or so, RAW shud concentrate dealing with terror sir, Ladkio ke peche bhagna choro
    Yes, I agree that agencies such as the ISI, CIA, Mossad, MI6 and RAW are acting in the service of their nations. However, here on the Pakistan Defence Forum, an Indian national choosing the Forum name of R.A.W. is, IMHO, flame bait. It will negatively color their perception of everything you say. If you truly want to have a meaningful give and take exchange with your neighbors, you won't use such a name from the very beginning. I wouldn't choose the name "C.I.A ." and expect to get a positive hearing of my posts. Comprende?
    No sir i will send a SS death squad sir, we will find him sir, shift to concentration camp & execute him sir, u do help me sir, thanks in advance sir..
    yes sir, u say right sir, i think we should have help him sir, u know how it is sir, sorry for my bad english sir...
    We seem to share a similar "signature" thought. But, I am not in favor of harassing the host nationals of this Forum. I hope your Forum name is not meant to annoy them. If so, we have a major difference.
    :( i am sorry i was using it for Pakistani politicians and rulers not for low cast Hindus whom i respect alot and i wish if i could highlight their cause .

    will edit my post
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