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  • Well, I have to say, I am amazed that you did not recognize the Iwo Jima picture as the quintessential US Marine icon. Many, many memorials to the US Marines in the US feature this image, including a larger than life statue in a Marine memorial in Washington to the design of the Marine Memorial Museum in Quantico, Virginia. I guess that shows that you are a youngster compared to me (64 years old). No one in my generation would mistake that image. Putting the Indian flag on it was sort of sacrilegious to my sensibility. Thanks for changing your avatar,
    Hey, RAW,
    Are those Indian Forces hoisting that flag? Really looks like a Photo shop of an Iwo Jima photo.... What is the reason for such an avatar? Doesn't India have any "rousing patriotic" photos of its own? Does India need to Photo shop US heroic images to gain credibility or gravitas? Please tell me that India is not this lame .....
    Kaafir hain jo bande nahi Islam k
    laam k maanind hain gesu mere ghanshyam k
    Kaafir hain woh jo bande nahi Is laam k.

    Thats false. Kaafir are those with no book of Allah. Tauret, Zaboor, Injeel and Quran are all the books sent by Allah.
    Hey RAW, U R Back!
    You weren't here on 10/13 to check in with me .... Will you make it for another 30 days, 'til 10/21? I'll be rooting for you.

    Good luck,
    did I say you hate Pakistan???

    You called me a girl (my avatar), so I called you RAW (your username). Tit for Tat!!!!!
    would become a Computer and Information Systems Engineer in about 3 months.
    Right now preparing for my exams due from 7 of next month and completing my final year project.
    The meaning of my name? Well, that's a tricky one but I can tell you that OWAIS was the name of one of the very faithful Sahabi (friend and follower) of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).
    yaar aik baat batao,
    tum aik din mein kitnay ghantay iss forum peh guzartay ho?

    Mein jub bhi iss forum par login hota hun, koi aur ho na ho, tum zaroor login miltay ho!

    kya ghar mein aur kuch kaam nahi hay karnay kay liyay?
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