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    Two police officials on polio duty shot dead in Mardan

    Don't force the vaccination, it's my right if i want it or not. Every new born got vaccinated for 2 years. Then vaccinated for upto 5 years. Than vaccinated for bird flu,chicken pox,high fever,e-bola,hiv, hepatitis,now covid-19. Vaccination is not 💯 $@fe,it has it's side effects. 98% covid...
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    HMS Queen Elizabeth and FS Charles De Gaulle meet up

    Yes , we have brain,eyes and tongue to speak. I assume you speak, see and think from rear.
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    HMS Queen Elizabeth and FS Charles De Gaulle meet up

    Old navy od England
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    Israeli Deep Pockets propaganda against Pakistan - Misleading Jews in general

    We want more. Death don't cost much to Muslims.
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    Mass shooting in the US, many dead

    Good going america
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    Biden approves $735M weapons sale to Israel

    Not gonna happen
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    Palestine: The Madness of Netanyahu's Annexation Plan

    You will get what you deserve.
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    Blasphemy: Mob attacks police station in capital

    Your thinking is evil. Ww1 and ww2 never occured on the bases of religion abd so did the iraq war ,vietnam war. Yet killed million upon million and smithering whole countries to rubble. Think before you post
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    PeriPeri sauce

    What to do if i want to covert this recipe into wrap. What more things i need.
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    PeriPeri sauce

    Show us your culinary skills with your recipe
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    Featured Turkey proposes 'protection force' for Palestine in emergency OIC meet; Pakistan and Malaysia endorse

    Israel has too much confidence these days must be dajjal and devil's at work. Long planned plan at work. Israel is digging it's grave. Allah's promise day is coming. Strongest imaan in needed in difficult days.

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