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  • Indra is, with Varuna and Mitra, one of the Ādityas, the chief gods of the Rigveda (besides Agni and the Ashvins). He delights in drinking Soma, and the central Vedic myth is his heroic defeat of Vṛtrá, liberating the rivers, or alternatively, his smashing of the Vala, a stone enclosure where the Panis had imprisoned the cows, and Ushas (dawn). He is the god of war, smashing the stone fortresses of the Dasyu, and invoked by combatants on both sides in the Battle of the Ten Kings.
    mate there are enough mantras which are from vedas which are from vedas which are in praise for these gods
    buddy there was already hyms related to rudra and Indra who was also referred as sakara and vasava in the vedas. the entire essecense of vedas revolves around the supreme force with its personified form
    along with the personification of agni which was used for the ritual sacrifices
    well i just gave you refences from the vedas themselves. There is only one rig veda. I am not a practising hindu but have ample knowledge of vedas. There is also mention of sun god as the deity
    I enjoy reading your posts. You speak the truth. Keep up the good work.

    hi, so why no more posts from you? :)
    does it make you think once again over that or not?
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