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    John Oliver V Arnab Goswami

    lmao. the guy is a legend within comedians as well... no filter whatsoever
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    India, Pakistan threatened to unleash missiles at each other: Sources

    Missed? Have we not already given you VIDEO evidence of us intentionally disposing our arsenal away from your facility. Perhaps that video isn't as clear as your IAF evidence of AWAC images but it is evidence -_- Get a life kid
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    LOC Hot Tonight

    Looks like a 14.5 anti-aircraft being used for ground attack. Will need someone else to verify tho.
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    LOC Hot Tonight

    Why aren't we responding in kind and targetting their men. Weak response by our side so far.
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    Asian grooming gang victim was raped by 300 men before she was 15 and often ‘ten at once’

    The Irony is 90% of these men were born and brought up in England and have no relation to Pakistan but just because they have Pakistani ancestry automatically makes the media label these men as Asian. Also, to all saying "what about the White man who did this". You cannot justify one wrong by...
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    Pakistani Mullah: Whites used Mullah Tech to get ahead of the rest

    At least this guy doesn't run our country... I do know someone like him that does govern the largest democracy in the world tho
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    PTM's Manzoor Pashteen granted bail in another 3 sedition cases

    And then we wonder why our country is being destroyed. Because the courts are our worst enemies
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    Rahul Gandhi ask questions on the anniversary of Pulwama, causing storm in India.

    Bullocks to that... I am yet to find a rational Indian who can answer these questions. All they can do is blame Pakistan and show some bollywood style recordings -.-
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    BRA commander shot dead by Unknown Gunmen in Iran

    good riddance to bad rubbish. knock these fuckers out
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    27 Feb 19: PAF shot down two Indian aircrafts inside Pakistani airspace: DG ISPR

    Mind sending me a link to such video? I wasn't aware we had released any such material.
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    Pakistan stops Afghan cargo shipments to Waga port

    Afghans claim KP is theirs and Iran claims part of Balochistan is theirs. We didn't INITIATE any sort of dispute and any land we got during partition was taken legally so if those countries have a problem, they can kiss our ***. And Pakistan openly supports the Taliban because they are loyal to...
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    Doctor who sounded alarm on coronavirus dies, hospital says

    1) As you rightly said, there are different strains of common cold which mutate almost every 6 months statistically speaking. Therefore, you can have a vaccine but its not a gurantee it will protect you. Also, without going into too much depth, once you are infected, your body has a primary...
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    Doctor who sounded alarm on coronavirus dies, hospital says

    I'm quite intrigued in a medical sense as to why the doctor died when he was a fully fit gentleman with no problems. RIP to the hero and may Allah protect all other workers be it nurses, doctors or any other healthcare staff. The common flu is something we have become accustomed to and it has...
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    How condoms became a weapon against Israel

    You are talking to a Bhakt. They don't use logic, only thing that makes sense to them is something which is either said my BJP or the media which supports it e.g. Arnab. All in all, they basically like to believe what normal humans refer to as 'bullshit'.