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    Budget deficit financing: Country turns again to IMF after a decade

    What's the deal about this Phoosima bridge you first worlders keep harping on about?
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    Who said India is a super power?

    You're spot on rami. All 600K google results are from PDF, including this one:
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    Stupid & Funny from Around the World :Continued

    Gangus took it to their heart and smashed the dislike button :rofl:
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    I'm so fed up with Indian Scammers

    Fiverr gangus :mad:
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    Iranian-Turk-Azeri border deployments

    No, this.
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    Covid 19 and Ivermectin

    and this is effective against delta
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    Bodies of COVID-19 victims being dumped in Ganga India.

    Safe to hope at least some of the gangu members have made it to become fishy food by now? Can someone please tag a couple gangus and go in on them ideally in some modi thread and see if they reply? I'd be genuinely worried if they still did.
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    Are there protests happening in pak?

    I know tens of millions of gnagus are desperately in need for oxygen as of today but please don't hold your breath on that. Won't help.
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    Bodies of COVID-19 victims being dumped in Ganga India.

    Yeah entire SA dumps their load in your mom...ganges.
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    Israeli honest views of India

    That doesn't even begin to describe the capacity of Hinduism it has to make the white man "come" and come "religiously". I mean it's their religious obligation to literally worship the literal white cokc. "Steven continued, "And it's amazing to really feel worshipped. Those people know how to...

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