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  • hmmm that i forwarded your message to WebMaster... hope its just a technical issue
    salam la pakhair... how r u... heard u wanted to talk to me? my ban was reduced yesterday till 7th hopefully.

    Oy mera pass uska email id ney hain. Uska youtube ka account manay dhoond lyah. Us say koshish karta hun usko contact karnay ka.
    Yaar idar na post kar. apni password abi delete kar. Manay save kar li hain.
    His name was: Pakistani Nationalist.

    Yeh Bharti humari besti karna cha rey hain usi thread mein. Main jawab de ra hun unko.
    Haha, Yeh hindu chutiya logh hain.

    Main teekh hun, Allah a shukr.

    Yar Pakistani Nationalist ban hogaya, aur wo bhi permanently. Uskay liyeh mujay bara avsoos ho ra hain. Apke pas moderators main koi dost hain to usay bolay Pakistani Nationalist ko wapas anay day pdf par.
    yar me too doing fine :) seriously your selection shows that you have that spark in you that can perceive things differently...or capture moments that others wont even be able to see.... dont want to push you but it usually comes naturally, god gifted, so get yourself a camera as quality does matter. do it as a part time hobby and it can even pay you back if work for dawn or other newspapers as a freelance photographer, check out flickr . com how other pakistani photographers are doing.... but ofcourse focus on your studies as prime priority... I dont know but it just occurred to me that I should say all this to you, dont know why :) stay well and keep sharing your pictures, its worth it :)
    hey-- hope you doing great... I see that you have good taste for photography? have you tried yourself or is it just your collection that you shared in the thread picture of the day?
    hmmm Malaysia main meray janne wala koi bhi nahi hai :cry: - Yeah I remember facebook pe I think tumhari picture dekhi thee Malaysia main and we even spoke about it

    Well I don't have any plans to visit Malaysia anytime soon.. may be in 2014.... Abhi ke liye I need to earn bread n butter for my honay walay childrens LOL
    Malaysia!!!!! Tum Malaysia rahte thay :woot:

    Kab bhai??? chalo acha hai kabhi Malaysia ka chakkar lagana para to hotel shotel book karwane ke paise bachain ge... Muft main guide bhi mil jaye ga ROFL
    hahaha you are very good friend of mine but moderation is separate to personal relationships right? Hope you understand that

    Frindly troll ka nahi pata - us se bara zaroori kaam thaa mujhe... lakin I didn't send him message on facebook and he is not in contact with him since last 1 month... Apni forex website ke baare main woh meri help kar raha thaa and then I got so busy in my life that I didn't contact him after that.... Chalo khayr facebook pe PM karo usay to woh jawab de de ga in one or two days....

    Tum sunao kaise ho?
    only administrators can do that :(

    PM to WebMaster.... but then how will i recognize you :( --- may be write your old iD in your signature.... but first you have to send a request to WebMaster or reply in that username change request thread in suggestions section
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