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  • Oh really ! Thats certainly very encouraging; helping people out deserves a lot of respect and so my salute to you, sir !
    Lahore...! I've been to Peshawar only once...and that too when I was much younger ! I remember that Sri Lanka was playing a match in Peshawar with Pakistan around that time...I know this because we (my Dad and I) stayed in PC Peshawar as part of a Medical Conference he came to represent his Hospital and in the room a couple of rooms from ours - Waseem Akram was staying...! We got to eat some Chaamps from that famous Namak Mandi (or called something similar !) that evening...! I guess Peshawar must have changed a lot from the last time I visited !

    So what do you do, bro ?
    Yeah...sorry I over-reacted a bit ! Thanks for those words...though ! Are you from Peshawar ?
    ahem ahem ... paa jee ... monday kou mera criminal law ka paper hai tension say phati hoi hai..tu apna suna bhai.
    thank you so much yar... thank you... mein nay bohat dhondi hai yeh book Warrior race, even second hand book shops per mien likhwa ker aya tha kay ager aye tou mujhay call ker dena, but couldnot find it... lakin bohat shokriya picture scan ker kay denay ka... let me share it now on twitter :D

    thanks again yar :)
    oh yeah sure buy yar, if you are picking those things, I am sure with a good camera you will capture too in your camera. and do share with me, bhool na jaye :)
    oh yeah, awesome indeed, I have seen all of his work, travelling pays back if you have a camera :)
    Done ! Mind telling me what was so offensive about that post ? And if it was can you forward my apologies to PakistanNationalist !
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