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  • The DSI demigod has been moondoored by the enforcers of PDF. Let us observe a minute's silence (though I won't miss him lol)
    Yep, he's been pushed through PDF's moon door. He won't ever come back, so there's no point in wasting your energy in pleading for his return.
    Let the DSI be with you, but do not abuse the all powerful DSI for DSI holds the power of a million leaping willow trees. Bow to your sensei
    He bro ... just imagine the day this people make an indigenous (!) SLV with the help of ukraine !

    They will start trashing Angara :))

    It's been a while since I last saw you posting. It's good to see you again!
    We seem to have lost touch with a good few Russian Members, their absence is being felt greatly.
    Welcome Back!

    Thanks for the info brother, i found
    it informative! I kinda' like the side-by-side seating of the Su-34.
    Hi, dude! I got a question for you...

    is the max payloads of both su-30mki and su-34 fighter/bomber the same?
    is it possible to store weapons on the su-34 internally with a few modifications
    to the airframe and fuselage?

    and...why is the su-34's nose shaped so to decrease RCS and increase frontal
    stealth? it isn't a stealth bomber so why this peculiar nose for a non-stealth fighter?
    would like a reply from you
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