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  • Ignore these guys . Just leave the thread . They know in the real battlefield these cunts can't do anything so they wage their war here . And those Indians are either muslims or false-flaggers .
    Hey pal, how are you? I was wondering if you could help me out wrt this vid:


    as the narration is in Hebrew I don't understand a word. But could you just give a breif outline of what the Israeli trainers are saying and how they feel towards the FORCE 1 guys wrt to training, comptance and reltipohip with their Israeli trainers (from what I can see the Israeli trainers seem to be fond of the FORCE 1 guys)?

    +also if you haven't seen the vid it may be of interest to you anyway if you're into such stuff.
    Christian nations didn't want to be tolerant towards people of other nationalities on their own, rather it was a forced upon them to accept this. Now it has ruined their way of life, and will soon ruin their society.
    The white race won't die for a long time, but with the slow white genocide going on, they will slowly pass away. Though, look at cases like Japan, they are bound to die away without immigration. So, it really depends on how the specific nationality behaves.

    The white race has, on average, a lower birth rate than many of those who immigrant to the host country. The high standard of living in white countries do not matter much for the white because their birth rate will stay low, and in fact it will be more beneficial for the immigrants.

    Japan and South Korea will never agree to mass immigration of course, they don't have anything of value and significance that matters in the global world.
    Hmm, I'm sorry for my mistake. Didn't realize that, but in Canada we use that term for something along the lines of that reason primary.

    And what you just mentioned is the problem. The white race is slowly dying, and I believe that there is a state that is behind this. Why can't Japan and South Korea host a bunch of immigrants and people of other nationality as much as say, Canada, America, Australia, Norway and Britain do?
    If the group of people who produce more kids than the hosting nationality, it will slowly exterminate the hosting nationality people if let continued for a long time.
    Once again, you miss my point. But, I rather not start a debate on that now because it will head in the wrong direction.
    Oh, I think you falsely misunderstood, by multi cultrualism I mean massive immigration, and illegal immigration etc. etc.

    I will not tell you how I came up with these predications, but since you will be 34-35 by then, and if God still wants you to stay alive, you will realize that what I say is true (If God wills it to be true).

    What does 9/11 have to do with it? A lot, but that's something other than what we are discussing.
    Obviously the country itself won't openly say it supports anything which seems against the main view of the general public.

    As for the predictions, I believe it is somewhere in the months of June and July, the year 2024. The time, of course, 9:11.
    A regional power, maybe. A global power? Depends on what conditions you're applying the word 'power' to. Yes, what you do, and the smart sections of the western and other government that Israel controls obviously does affect the entire world. But, I believe that sooner or later Israel will want to establish itself as a declared global fire, one that will have other global powers such as Russia and China to realize that.

    I have predictions of the time and year when Israel will launch this 'big move', and I am highly sure that my predictions are nearly right.

    As for multi cultural countries, you being against it doesn't change the fact that Israel as a country supports world-wide multi culturalism.
    Funny, I don't recall her being a Palestinian sympathizer at all. To me she just spews lies.

    I want your opinion on some stuff. The reason I'm asking you is pretty obvious. You're one of the few Israelis that browses these forums, and aside from one other Israeli, I don't wish to ask the others.

    Anyway, do you disagree that Israel wants to establish itself as a global and/or a regional power?
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