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  • Yes dude I am from Myanmar, Yangon. Why would I lie. What would I get from that. I shifted to work in Thailand working as a PR executive for PR representive for a NGO working for benefit of myanmar refugees.

    How I got interested in cricket. I am a British Indian origin person. Frankly telling you if my ancestors would have been in India we could have been a pert of Ind, Pak or Bd. Really don know where we would have gone. And since long my family has turned atheist since religion. is the cause of all problems

    About cricket, 2 of my cousins play for Myanmar team. I played cricket in school and now play in a club in thailand. I love the game and vigorously follow it. Being in Thailand I cannot watch each and every series
    hello there
    nice to hear from you
    re Kapoor, I think its a Hindu sir name like Shakti Kapoor (love that rascal lol)
    more likely a slang by putting an a in the end
    like oay Gamay etc.
    hope to hear more from you

    take care
    . "What you can do is, if the member posts somewhere and you reply to it , you can say that you are on my ignore list and request other members to also do that". Starting a thread or doing campaign stuff is not the way."
    above is taimi khans message on how to deal with troll..but i didn't get it fully..what do you understand ?
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