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    UAE: Ashraf Ghani emerges & apologises to nation!

    An American pet dog might be having more worth than this shameless sell-out traitor and war-criminal. This idiot foiled every effort that Americans initially made for Afghan national reconciliation before they started direct talks with Afghan Taliban with Pak help - that is, occupiers having...
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    General bakshi strikes again - part 3

    Like many Indians, this Indian general Bkashi pulls his claims from his own rear. I would rather leave them living in their own world of delusions and lies. That's ultimately good for us Pakistanis. Even though we know that Indians launder their lies by using coordinated networks of fake news...
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    Moeed yousaf's another brilliant interview to CNN

    That's a good interview but not good enough. I don't really understand why our officials are so defensive or even apologetic? Why don't we bluntly tell the reality to outside world. Taliban have successfully fought world's best equipped militaries for twenty years and finally defeated and...
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    Why is Iran upset with Pakistan?

    Iran ''abandonded'' Panjshir? Why are then Iranians fuming so badly? There must be something presumably bad happened for Iran in Afghanistan. We would like know that. You just exhibited your stupidity by addressing that member in such a way. Please come back to civilized world.
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    JF17s For New Afghan Air Force?

    Very well said, Bro. Many Pakistanis act childish when comes to Thunders. We need to be realistic. Afghanistan needs more of internal stability, harmony, and development. For that, Afghanistan needs national reconciliation and to integrate itself into the regional economic/trade activity. Once...
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    When an Indian channel invites a wrong Afghan to the show.

    I am very disappointed by coward Pak leaders. The miserable way these leaders have failed in highlighting the reality and facts. In reality, it's India's state policy for many decades now to use terrorism as a military tool against Pakistan (and the irony is that Indians at the highest levels...
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    Pak's Lashkar-e-Taiba shifting base into country, Afghan government tells India

    Kabul puppet regime has no credibility whatsoever. It consists of shameless sell-outs and traitors who were helping occupying forces in killing Afghans. Indian government lives in falsehood and has been caught red-handed while running a massive web of falsehood for laundering lies, and spreading...
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    Assam, Mizoram CMs in heated Twitter exchange as border tensions flare up

    India is an unnatural country consisting of countless number of ethnic groups with totally different cultures, languages, opposing interests, and ethnic goals. This country has been artificially glued togather by military might for last 70 years. That is bound to fail as people are getting more...
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    afghan army chief cancels visit to india...india not sending troops

    Coward Indians can only use Afghanistan and puppet Kabul regime for using terrorism against Pakistan and that too under the protection of some other power (i.e. first Soviets and then NATO forces). Hindu cowardice is a well established and historic fact. Indians have no balls to send their...
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    Featured Former Diplomat’s Daughter Beheaded Over Breakup In Islamabad

    Every act of crime has two aspects. First being the one on the victim or victim's dear ones (e.g. children losing their father or mother). Second, and equally important, is the effect on the society as a whole. This particular crime by that bloody criminal has a more profound effect on the...
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    Indian experts are wondering why New Delhi has been sidelined in Afghanistan. This is why

    Indians have been using Afghanistan as a proxy against Pakistan to create rift between the two neighboring countries since 1947. They have used Afghan land for training, supporting, and sending terrorists into Pakistan. Whenever a Pak friendly government (or at least the one not hostile to...
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    Purchasing Wakhan District

    While buying that strip of land makes sense for Pakistan. But no Afghan government will be willing to sell it. Occupying it by force would be illegal and start a new conflict in the region. To the contrary, we need regional peace in order to develop projects for connectivity and promote trade...
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    Featured Russia rules out military tie-up with India on Afghanistan issue

    Diplomatically it's called a rebuke but in daily life it's called a refusal and getting disgraced. Every regional country wants peace and stability in Afghanistan for the sake of economic revolution that is dawning at the region in the form of the Chinses OBOR initiative. It's only India that...
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    Featured India, US Close To Signing $700 Million Deal To Acquire 100 'GE 404' Engines For Tejas Mk1A Fighter Jets

    Your ignorance doesn't automatically mean that Pak has no contribution in the design and development work of JF-17. As far the laughing part, it's really strange how an Indian is wondering about that. Just tell me if a fighter plane is paraded on the back of a truck, isn't that a matter of...
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    America abandoned India in Afghanistan?

    Yes, of course. That's why Afghan Taliban are kicking Indian *** in Afghanistan. Earlier CIA also abandoned these filthy Indians and signed a peace deal with Afghan Taliban. So, in that respect, both CIA and Afghan Taliban have shared interests and want to cooperate in killing Indians. CIA...

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