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    Keeping up with the ''Line Of Control''

    Pakistan should take note, all these inductions have happened in the past 1-2 months. Don't know what else the Indian army has up its sleeve
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    Keeping up with the ''Line Of Control''

    https://militaryleak.com/2022/07/30/tata-advanced-systems-delivers-quick-reaction-fighting-vehicle-qrfv-to-indian-army/ NEW QRFV for Indian army https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/tata-firm-hands-over-indigenously-developed-infantry-vehicles-to-army-chief/article65315246.ece IPMV...
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    Tata Motors plans to ramp up EV production as demand spikes

    Ola electric new battery R&D nd manufacturing plant
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    Pakistani Roads, Motorways and Highways

    hello can somebody tell the number of lanes does a motorway have in Pakistan.
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    Bangladesh, 41st largest economy in the world now

    we already are https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_India
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    Is Indian Aircraft Carrier a Big Threat for Pakistan Navy?

    Dude what? https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/india/surat-and-udaygiri-two-indigenously-built-warships-launched/reincarnation-of-earlier-udayagiri/slideshow/91619483.cms...
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    Indian Navy News & Discussions

    https://www.psuconnect.in/news/grse-launches-2nd-survey-vessel-large/32718 GOOD speed
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    Featured Gwadar: The port that was once eyed by India - BBC URDU

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sagar_Mala_project Ever heard of this? Or are you to afraid to open the page because all your fantasies will be destroyed?
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    Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft [AMCA] Development | Updates & Discussions.

    the amca mk1 will run at mach 1.8 like kfx
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    Indian Navy News & Discussions

    3 new vessels to be launched in next 3 months- INS VAGSHEER APRIL 20 INS SURAT APRIL 1 P17A FRIGATE MAY
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    HAL Tejas | Updates, News & Discussions-[Thread 2]

    Astra mk3 will be integrated into tejas mk2
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    4th Country To Deploy Stealth Fighters, How Does India’s AMCA Stack-Up Against China’s J-20 Mighty Dragon?

    https://alphadefense.in/eots-of-amca-to-begin-flight-testing/ eots testing I guess you are still stuck in the 1990s or dont know how to read.
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    Indian Navy News & Discussions

    https://idrw.org/goa-shipyard-ltd-to-built-ngopv-for-indian-navy/ gsl to build ngopvs for IN
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    Lavrov: Russia, China and Brazil Don't Want Washington Calling the Shots in the World

    Bangladesh would be a way better option than Pakistan So what if Pakistan is a nuke power?, Turkey has a way better economy than Pakistan and I think it deserves to be the representation for the Islamic world.
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    Lavrov: Russia, China and Brazil Don't Want Washington Calling the Shots in the World

    Pakistan is not an emerging economy from any means

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