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  • Next time, you will get banned.

    Told you before, do not bring in another religion if you can't defend or counter the arguments.

    Told you before do not show the typical Indian mentality or should i say Hindu mentality by dragging in Islam to protect/justify your own barbaric actions caused by Hindu terrorist organizations.
    Its called derailing and trolling. If you have facts and figures, then refute whatever his claim is. Once you do it, let me know and tell me to read your post where you have refuted the claims of that member and that he is telling BS, i will myself close the thread and warn the member to not post such idiotic things.

    But my mentioning Islam you are not doing anything worth while, rather you are doing more idiotic thing then the member to whom you replied.

    So talk with respect to the topic and if you think its worthless to discuss, then just say so in the thread, not derail it by showing the typical mentality from across the border saying Pakistan and Islam are terrorists.
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