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  • thanx.your insights were very helpful and enlightning.i'll try to follow them.If i'll have any other query i'll mail you.goodnight.tc.
    thanx sir and these companies do visit yearly.But what i want to know is tha from where should i start.
    last year i got an under 10k rank rank in aiee and so i opted for cs branch not only for all the hype it has but also for the love of the subject.I am well versed in c language but now i dont have any clue of what to do...i want to know how to pursue the subject and what all to pursue(study).i have really high ambitions and i want to start my career with big mnc's like google and microsoft and i 'm willing to work hard for that..
    hiii...i have some doubts about something career related in computer science..i'm currently pursuing my forst in computer science field from nit kurukshetra.I hope you'll help me out.Thanx in advance.
    dont have that option dont know why. you can tell me here i will delete it if something u dont want others to know.
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