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    Student Biryani : Pakistani food chain goes global

    Dont think so, paradise way over-rated. Try Bawarchi or Astoria at RTC x road. If in secundrabad, skip paradise, go to nanking.
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    RAW's Trafficking of Indian Children To Israel To Be Used As Food

    Show some respect. This loony is as far above you as you may be above cockroaches. Also just by posting anything negative here, you can become a member of RAW :cheers:
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    Caste system still exits in India today?

    Some puranas depict Lord Buddha as an avatar of Vishnu. Some substitute him with Balarama. But what the hell is this? CPC hiring prepubescent teens?
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    Sri Lanka is no pearl on China's string, Rajapaksa says

    Clever and opportunistic man. There is no telling how he will act in the future.
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    Debt Crisis in India-Will Chinese Banks Bail Out More Indian Companies?

    sissyboy crybaby-dragon has been spotted on this thread. Hope to see some whining about some kids calling him a s/@nt eyed freak before long.
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    India defies US, EU.

    Pervert OP:lol:
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    The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : Salman Rushdie & India's new theocracy

    The Indian PM has not done anything at all. Since 2004. He barely speaks and lets dogs like Pigvijay speak. The whole thing is naturally therefore an RSS conspiracy.
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    Indian teacher stunned by $10bln bank balance

    SBI must have confused it with Sharad Pawar's account :coffee:
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    India, China must have strategic partnership: expert

    Gr8 post and makes good sense. This is a political minefield for India. Which PM would preside over the giving up of Aksai Chin? He would be savaged by the opposition for selling out the country.
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    Leakage of Indian Army Chief’s Age: Probe Ordered

    Doesnt bother me. Of course India has no history of military coups. That combined with Pakistan's current security problems, and general public mistrust of the government. Of course, India has security problems of her own, and also the government is under a lot of pressure, but no one dreams of...
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    Leakage of Indian Army Chief’s Age: Probe Ordered

    Absolutely correct.The chief is not trying to undermine the constitution; he is not attempting a coup. He is merely asserting his rights as any government employee would; through the proper channel. If anything its the government's image that has been sullied for bringing its dirty politics into...
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    U.S. Navy finds dolphins a key ally in Strait of Hormuz showdown with Iran

    Squids along with apocalypse tanks, prism towers, Tesla troopers and Tanya.
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    Top 10 most peaceful countries of 2011

    Its a different way of life there, maybe a little primitive. Cant call it good or bad. They are a very rugged people tho. One of my college mates was Bhutanese, topped in all sporting events. Even beat the crap out of us in Kabaddi.
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    Top 10 most peaceful countries of 2011

    Bhutan is such a cool place. Probably the cleanest in the sub continent. Only problem, no sale of tobacco.
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    Dassault Rafale, tender | News & Discussions

    King Zaid Hamid the magnificent

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