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    Thanks to india Rs.2.84-lakh cancer drug will soon cost just Rs. 8,880

    You compare a life saving drug with a Ferrari? How many terminally ill patients get well or get their lives extended by possessing a Ferrari? I don't know how much of a Chinese you still are but it is clear that your association with capitalist profiteers has blinded you totally. That is why you...
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    India to buy 1500 drones in 4 years

    Yes bro, we have. But, those responsibilities can be suitably tackled only in an environment where peace and tranquility prevails. When the nation is safe and its security needs are being adequately looked after. Look at the expanse of our country, look at its maritime responsibilities, look at...
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    India to buy 1500 drones in 4 years

    No, actually these drones are to make sure that Kargil type event does not happen again. They are also useful in checking whether infiltration is happening in border areas or whether the Chinese Army is massing troops across the border. They are also to monitor activities of the Maoists and...
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    People Reject Ram Mandir Politics in Ayodhya!

    Not surprising at all. Both the BJP and the Cong got it backwards this time. They are pursuing strategies which worked two or three decades ago. As far as Hindus at large today, the Mandir issue is all crap, mandirs don't feed people nor do they give employment to the youth or improve roads...
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    A Thousand Dildos For The Military Wives

    ^^^ Sorry bro, this is not about separation brought about by extended military deployments, this is not about loneliness or or a wife missing her soldier husband. This is about a seller of sex toys marketing his wares in the most sleaziest of ways. This is about **** pure and simple. The...
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    How to become junior commissioned officer in indian army

    You have not stated your educational qualifications. Are you studying to be a graduate or a diploma? With a graduation/technical qualification, you are eligible to join as an officer in any of the technical arms like the EME (Electrical and Mechanican Engineering) or the Corps of Engineers or...
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    10 Epic Military Last Stands

    Errrr does the gunfight at OK corral count? That one is my favourite.
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    Sourav Ganguly- Movie

    One of the best things in life was to have seen Saurav play. They don't make them like you anymore dada, you are always in my mind. ভালো থেকো. OP: Thanks for posting this, you made my day bro.
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    The season you like.

    Just love winters. Love to curl up under a warm quilt or cozy up to a heater or a fire at night . Yes it is a torture to get out of the bed in the mornings, but the first shock of the cold is the worst and when one gets over that, the rest is easy. Sad, winter is going away and nearly gone now...
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    Tough time ahead as Tyagi takes HAL to a make or break era

    Operational requirements are not created or changed by the IAF. They are dictated by the environment, by our ever changing equations with our neighbours and within the neighbours themselves, by weapons programmes and new inductions in the neighbourhood etc. Even a slight change in our foreign...
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    Saudi Arabia cuts oil prices for Europe, raise oil prices for Asia

    @ Xdrive Buddy, all that you are saying is well known. But is it really business as usual in the oil producing Arab oil? No it is not. The US/EU has asked the Gulf oil producers and the north African ones to increase oil production to meet the demand of the countries which are switching their...
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    Not Russia, but German Pakistan offers German company to finish IP pipeline

    Why don't you guys do it yourselves? Would save some foreign exchange and also would be free of foreign interference.
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    80% students in Indian schools are humiliated

    Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
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    India erodes US expectations

    Are we as Indians bothered about what Pakistan expected us to do and in which way we belied their expectations and in having done that, now, expect them to expect only the unexpected from us. Wow!! Is the Indian foreign policy all about Pakistani expectations or lack of the same? Or is the...

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