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Hi All

I have been interested in things military for a very long time.

When in 2009 I had completed a year’s long study about WMD in my own country, I decided to turn my attention to Iran.

As to the why, developments in my country pertaining to arms development had tailed of dramatically, while such in Iran had started to ‘take off’.

I later found PDF through browsing and searching for particular Defense terms.

It is amazing how much OSINT is to be found in resources such as the now defunct IMF, https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/, defence.pk/pdf/threads/Iran, and various Web searches.

One of my favourite subjects are combat aircraft not unveiled yet. Which of course includes Iran, judging by the number of posts on this subject appearing in https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/iriaf-news-and-discussions.

I am retired but was a civil servant before that

I hope to add my input to this subject.
South Africa
South Africa
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