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  • Pls condemn the killing of the two sisters in sopore by LET in your signature as posting articles is not allowed. They don't have the balls, but we are from Gandhi's land and we do.
    Your post no. 37 on the subject of Aseemanand. I really appreciated it. The difference that I believe India should always stand for is that we look at crime and terrorism without religious blinkers on, unlike some of our friends.

    On the other hand, I was surprised to see you responding to Jana. She is so fundamentally poisoned mind and soul against Indians who aren't Muslim that there is no point in any exchange with her; it will become distorted and emerge somewhere else in another poison-pen attack. Still, it's your call.
    Hi, I was reading through a forum and read your following comment,
    "You're mixing concepts of Tribal clans (Jat), Varnas (Rajputs) and common last names to indicate some hybrid "caste system" that does not exist..."
    Recently I've been doing some research on caste system, Jats, Rajputs etc. and came across these terminologies (Varnas, Gotra, Clan) as well. What differentiates them? I know what a Clan is, hoping you can help me on the other two terms.
    I'm in Dubai these days... may move back to SG in the next 1 year...

    Kaam kadhi kami hoat naahi! Saglyanchi kahani ekach!
    You also have to allow for a certain amount of time. I often log on, and only have enough time to do one thing, before having to address issues in my real life. That could mean deleting only one post or a certain number of posts, and not being able to address other similar issues.
    i am fine mate..going good..hey pm me your hotmail id..sorry for deleting facebook id..will reactivate it soon :)
    Peshwa yaar..kaisa he??long time no see?hey you said you wil come to kerala..cancelled kya??
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