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  • Sorry I suck at History. Never my forte. But the basic stuffs like, invention of Zero is pretty much part of Indian history, at least that's what I remember.
    To answer you question
    "Do you think that would work as a deterrence strategy?"
    No, it will create a sense of "us vs them" in criminals, it will result in smarter criminals, more rapes, and more and more going unsolved. harsher punishment means, the greater the need to ensure no evidence remains.
    Let me ask you something, do you not think rape is usually accompanied by violence already?!
    In the Nirbhaya case, they didn't kill her, but left her for dead which is even worse! So what exactly will change?
    But making rape a serious crime and tougher laws with harsher punishment will ensure that people think twice about even considering it.
    Good to have you back here Sirjee
    Aaj kal kaha ho?
    Kyusuibu Honbu
    Kyusuibu Honbu
    Not a citizen, have to look in private sector and work as an IT auditor or IT security analyst. Just done with my first Sem, in 2018 will be done. Currently checking out internships , was it hard for you too? :)
    Yeah the private sector should offer quite a few opportunities. Especially the banking sector and the online entertainment sector. After the Sony Playstation mishap, cyber security has become paramount for the likes of PS, Netflix etc given the amount of personal and financial info they hold for their customers.
    I was never one to study, so it was especially hard for me. But it was well worth it and now I can proudly say that I will never have to study again..EVER!.....hopefully.
    that randukkar is no problem, a mere internet warrior. Problem is he's allowed to troll with the same third rate crap of his, that reflects very poorly on the forum.

    Otherwise I'm very well, don't see u here often, but its fun reading your posts when you do. Any india plans?
    ohhh Peshwa ji... aap ko yeh kya hogeya....

    Is nt it some time since we have been following each other here.LOL
    Thank you for your appreciation! i guess i wasted my telant`i dont sketch much nowadays

    thank you again
    Thread went to the sh*tters but I couldn't stop laughing at this bit:

    "NYC must be a tough place for you....with all those hot dog carts and all that....HAHAHAHA!"

    I'm near Los Angeles, my cousin lives/works in Manhattan and aunt's in New Jersey. If I visit east cost, it would be cool to hang out. What say?
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